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When dancing you use a lot of energy and also when dancing you should remember to have a drink every 15 minutes to keep you going. A lot of the time some people don't realise that they are losing a lot of weight because they are having so much fun

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There are loads of different kinds of dance styles like......Street dancing, Ballet, Hip hop, disco, Irish dancing, Welsh folk dancing, Flamenco, Scottish dancing, Belly dancing, Indian dancing and so much more.

Some gymnastics get used in dances its used in street dance alot.Street dancers are VERY flexible and very fit. It takes a lot of time to train up to be a Street dancer. But you don't always need to be able to do gymnastics to street dance, all you need to do is STICK WITH THE BEAT!!!

Ballet dancers train all the time, their legs are like frogs legs. They are probably the strongest people on the Earth.

If you want to be a dancer all you need to do is three things practice follow the beat and drink a lot water 😉

There are different dancers all around the world and a lot of different dances💃🏼

If you like to dance then this should help you, remember this one thing, stick to the beat!

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