My Five Goals for 2nd Semester

class of #2016

My five goals

  • to graduate with honors
  • achieve great grades
  • to improve my working skills
  • work on my communication skills
  • to leave bad things in the past

my goals explained

My goals is explained before but to graduate with honor would be fine to know I completed my year off with fine grades.To achieve my great grades I would have to pay attention in my classes stop and playing around with the bad crowd sometimes in my classes I don't talk but now i'm going to have to if I want to improve.All of my problems back then I can leave it in the past.
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what colleges do you want to attend?

I have a lot of colleges on my list like Miami university, UCLA, and Tampa bay st., but the one I chose out of all is Duke university. My dream job is a veterinarian and a marine biologist. I hope that my college will accept me to fulfill that job.

Duke university

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Duke University

a little about myself

Now since I were younger my family always supported me as a young veterinarian they would buy me animal figures doctor tools and even real animals.Sometimes I would go on you tube and look up animals and how they breed and how they give birth and how they interact with other animals to this day I still wish to be a veterinarian and my family still support me till this day. This is another reason why I wish to go to Duke University because they have vet internships, and I wish to apply if your wondering do I have another college to go to or if I don't get accepted there well I have Tampa bay st., but Duke is my number one.
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