Key information to a successful marriage.


1. Should you and your spouse be opposites or share same personality traits including beliefs and morals etc. ?

2. Is there ever a point in marriage where it is okay to give up/if so, why?

3. is it possible to forgive your spouse after they break your trust in a tremendous way?

4. does your past affect you and your thoughts on marriage?

5. How important is commitment in a marriage?

Addison Fauchier/ Teen Girl's Perspective

1. " I think it is good to have a little bit of both, but you don't want to be the same because opposites attract, but having the same beliefs and morals is very important."

2. " I feel like a lot of people give up to easily in a marriage because it is so easy to just sign for a divorce, but if it is a negative atmosphere that you can't live in, then it is okay."

3. " Depends on the situation, but if it was a big deal to me then yes."

4. " Abstinence is a good idea because the last time i saw my dad was when i was three, so rushing into things isn't a good yeah it affects my thoughts, i don't want my children to grow up without a father."


Drew Redman/ Teen Boy's Perspective

1. "Opposites"

2. "Nope"

3. "Sure"

4. "Nope"

5. "10/10"

Mrs. Stover/ Teacher's Perspective

1. "Same beliefs with different personality because it is easier to live with someone who believes the same things as you."

2. "Only if there is abuse that cannot be prevented."

3. "I don't know, but i would try as hard as possible."

4. "Yes, because i am the only one in my family who has NOT been divorced and i am also a child of divorced parents."

5. "It is the only thing that matters, love is a daily choice that you make."

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