They are scary!

Helicopter Gets Sucked Into A Tornado Man Falls Out

How they are made:

  • A tornado is made from humid air and colder air
  • its from one going one going one direction
  • then the other going the other direction

Tornadoes do have scales used to measure severity

  • I have put them under this slide
  • They have weak & high winds

Tornado Winds

Weak/Moderate Winds

  • sliding shingles
  • flagpoles bend and some roof damage
  • strong does considerable damage with flagpoles collapse and softwood trees debarked

High Winds

  • flagpoles collapse and softwood trees debarked
  • small parts of houses break
  • small parts of school parts break from school
  • mid and high rising buildings collapse

Where they are mostly hit:

  • They mostly hit near the eastern part of the United States
  • They hit in Texas, Mississippi, sometimes Virginia, and the other eastern states
  • we are near the coast so we don't get many tornadoes

Tornadoes warnings

  • They predict when a tornado is going to hit with at a storm prediction center in Oklahoma
  • Meteorologist created a system to alert tornadoes or the possibility the might occur

Precautions of a tornado

  • They help you get ready for the tornado is coming
  • It gives you a warning so you can try to get in a safe spot
  • That is what a precaution of a tornado is

Clouds in a tornado

  • There is a type of cloud in a tornado
  • It is a cumulonimbus cloud
  • It is a cumulonimbus cloud because they observe as a tube or funnel shaped cloud

What a tornado and what does it mean

  • A tornado is a bad thunderstorm
  • It's can be very dangerous and can make a lot of damage
  • It's a violent windstorm that rapidly rotating and air extends from the base of a thunderstorm to the ground