Some Dangerous Places

Faith Olofson, Ty Frederick, Rodney Fleshman, Bryan Hanson

Four Dangerous Places

They tremor underground, they be making lots of sound, A earthquake, A earthquake , A quiver and a quake , a tremble and a shake , A earthquake, A earthquake , A rumble in the jungle and watch the world break. A earthquake, A earthquake, A quiver to the left, A quiver to the right, that earthquake eats everything in sight. A earthquake, A earthquake. It's got a magnitude of 5, man I'm glad I'm still alive. A earthquake A earthquake. When you travel to different countries you have no idea what you're walking on. Many places can be wonderful,but you don't think what could happen an like earthquake could happen and lots of deaths could happen because of the earthquake.

Mount St. Helens

Why people want to live here

There are many reasons people live in Washington state. People want to live in Washington state because somedays it can be warm and sunny. Another reason is there are a lot of things to explore and there are beaches. Also there are many fishing opportunities throughout Skamania County. Some of the most popular species of fish are rainbow trout, steelhead and bass.

Plate Tectonics

Mount St. Helen’s sits on the smaller oceanic plate Juan de Fuca. It is sliding under the North American plate creating a convergent subduction zone.

History and Future

The Mount St. Helen’s eruption of 1980 killed 57 people. Four indirect deaths were caused by a cropduster, hitting power lines during the ashfall, a traffic accident due to poor vision because of the ash, and two heart attacks from ash.This may not be one of the top most dangerous places to live, but it is still dangerous. It is most likely to erupt again an individual’s lifetime. Mount St. Helens has erupted in the past, and it’s had two eruptive episodes in the past three decades. The volcano has produced four large eruptions in the past five centuries. On Sunday morning May 18, 1980 at 8:32 am Mount St. Helens erupted. It was shaken by an earthquake measuring 5.1 on the richter scale. Nearly 150 square miles of forest was blown over or left dead.

Tokyo, Japan

Why people want to live here

Tokyo, Japan has a population of 13,230,000 million people in history. Pop culture is popular in Tokyo. Japan is a favorite vacation spot for westerners, but some westerners go further than that with Japan. Tokyo is very clean. Either the Japanese liter less or the janitors are constantly working.

Plate Tectonics

Tectonic plate activity in Japan is on tectonic plates. These plates collide and move and make earthquakes. The tectonic activity has also made explosive volcanoes. Japan is on the Pacific Ring of Fire which is a narrow zone in the Pacific Ocean where a large chunk of earth’s earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur.

History and Future

Tokyo is one of the most dangerous places in the world to live. The Kobe earthquake killed 6,300 people. Tokyo faces an even greater disaster say scientists. This could leave 60,000 dead and cause staggering economic losses. According to a one study there will be 142,800 deaths.

Anchorage, Alaska

Why do people want to live here

Anchorage, Alaska has over 290,000 people, but they still have a greater wildlife population. There are over 1,500 moose in the area of Anchorage, a lot of bald eagles, and about 2,400 dall sheep, bears, and other species. There are massive state parks In Alaska. They are beautiful to go to and watch the animals. If you like to be outdoors,no matter where you go in Alaska you will have fun. The Portages Pass Trail provides a great hike for all ages to go on. The best thing about Alaska is the outdoors. There are great places to fish.

Tectonic Activity

Alaska is the most tectonically active area in the United States. It is on northern rim of the Pacific Plate. The plates slide past southeast Alaska and collides with the North American Plate. Stress along the plates boundaries cause lots of earthquakes. There is a convergent subduction zone between the North American Plate and Pacific Plate. These plates have created the Aleutian Island Volcanic Island Arc. There is a transform boundary along southeast Alaska. The Pacific Plate slides against the North American Plate creating a fault.

History and Future

Anchorage Alaska is one of the most dangerous place in North America. There are more earthquakes in Alaska than any other region of the United States. Scientist are certain that more major earthquakes will continue to occur in the future. The population has more than doubled so there would most likely be a greater number of deaths than before and a greater amount of property damage. Alaska is the home of the second largest earthquake ever recorded. It was the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake with a magnitude of 9.2. Earthquakes can happen daily in Anchorage, Alaska but they are not necessarily felt. More large earthquakes will likely hit Anchorage because of all the tectonic activity.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Why people want to live here

San Juan, Puerto Rico has a population of about 4.7 million people.There are many attractions in San Juan like going to the beaches,swimming at the beach, and other great activities. Another reason to live in San Juan are the beautiful parks and entertainment.There are many things in San Juan including opportunities to travel and explore this wonderful place.

Plate Tectonics

The North American plate is being pushed under the Antilles Arc.The Caribbean Plate sits on the South. Earthquakes happen along the edges.The North American plate is pushed down to the south and the Caribbean plate pushed down to the north. North of Puerto Rico is the Puerto Rico Trench. This is the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean.

History and Future

Puerto Rico is the one of the most dangerous places in the world.The reason why its so dangerous is because if an earthquake happens it could make a tsunami happen.Tsunamis can kill millions and even billions of people. Earthquakes can kill millions and billions of people too.So many people are left homeless because of all the damage that happened because of the earthquakes.The damage would cost over millions of dollars.

Beautiful Places can be Dangerous

A quiver and a quake, a tremble and a shake. There are many things you can do in all these different places. There are many things to do, and it is very beautiful in all the places, but it can be very dangerous. Earthquakes and volcanoes caused by movement of the tectonic plates create quakes and shakes. If a person is moving or visiting one of these places they probably want to know the danger they may face.


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