ORE Monday Notes

October 12-16


We are learning more information about forming PEPs for this school year. We are going to have a school wide PEP and grade level PEPs in place to include interventions that we are providing to groups of students who all need the same intervention. Molly will be sharing more about this and the students that this will impact in the next few weeks. Teachers will still write PEPs for individual students who receive interventions in the classroom through the regular education teacher as this is a required step prior to a student coming to IST. These are the students that are below grade level and need targeted interventions as they are not reaching grade level standards with Core Instruction. In K-3 we shared with you that right now the students in your class who should have a classroom level PEP are the ones who are Red in TRC and Red in DIBELS (remember the correlation report that was shared with you). You may also have students in grades K-3 who have a classroom level PEP if they are below grade level standards in math, writing, and/or behavior interventions are being implemented for a targeted area that you are tying to change/close a behavior gap. In grade 3 you can also use the BOGs as a guide if you have students who are Red in either TRC or DIBELS and were a level 1 or 2 on the BOGS - use your teacher discretion and make a decision based on whether or not you are having to intervene regularly because the student is not accessing the Core Instruction with success/mastery. In grade 4 and 5 you should have a classroom level PEP for any student that was a level 1 or 2 on the previous year's EOG in Reading and/or Math. If you are intervening regularly for writing because a student is not at mastery with your Core Writing Instruction then that would also be a need for a classroom level PEP and the same for behavior. I was asked about the requirement for having PEPs for students once they qualify for EC services and have an IEP and below (quoted) is the response I received from Dr. Hardy. Due to this, we will continue to write PEPs for all EC students in addition to the qualifiers mentioned above. Here is the response,

"When students go through the IST process and gain the EC status, the IEP provides the support from the EC department which is layered on top of the differentiated support already happening in the classroom. We cannot or should not ever remove the level of support/intervention from the regular classroom teacher once a student receives additional services. So, to answer the question, yes, the PEP remains in place because this indicates whether or not the Tier II services are working and demonstrates what the regular education teacher is doing to support the child. The IEP provides the Tier III interventions and is the legal EC paperwork. "

The form for the School and Grade Level PEP will be shared with you once we have received it and it is completed (we will do this - not classroom teachers). If you have submitted PEPs for students that you now believe do not qualify for a classroom level PEP just go back into the form and close it or delete it. I will begin reviewing submitted PEPs in the next couple of weeks. If you are writing a PEP for a student please remember that you are required to go over the full contents of the PEP and the specific interventions you are implementing along with the progress monitoring data points you collect with the parents in quarterly face to face conferences. Green folders for PEP students will continue to be collected with Signature Pages at the end of each quarter. Please use the Portfolio Checklists to know the exact items that are to be included each quarter in the Portfolio. For Quarter 1 the district has moved the deadline for PEPs being completed until mid-November. Please plan to have all Classroom Level PEPs reviewed with parents and signed by November 13th. I will review the signature pages and Green Portfolios with Quarter 1 contents the week of Nov. 16-20th. Please let me know if you have any questions about PEPs for this school year.

Deliberate Optimism

I am very excited about our next session on Oct. 20th. We will focus our discussion on Chapters 3 and 4. Please read these two chapters before our meeting on Oct. 20th. Please also carefully reflect on pages 50 and 66. We will use some of these same reflective questions as part of our whole group and small group discussions. Happy reading!

Monday, October 12

  • Day 5 - K-2 have specials
  • Writing Assessment Week Begins for grades K-5
  • 4th Grade Field Trip to Grandfather Mountain. They will leave prior to school beginning and will return after dismissal. Any staff who have afternoon duties or clubs should not expect 4th graders to be present on Monday afternoon.
  • Pink and Jeans :) for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tuesday, October 13

  • Day 6 - 3-5 will have specials
  • IST meets in Conference Room
  • Terrific Kids will meet in room 619. You may need to direct your students to the location of this room on the K/1 hallway if they are not familiar with it. Please make sure that your selected students are on time so that the ceremony can begin on time and that we are respectful of the parents who are attending as many of them take off work to come over for this special recognition (it can be a bit awkward to be there with all of the parents while we wait for one or two students to arrive :). Please also make sure that you are notifying parents if their child is part of Terrific Kids so that they have the opportunity to attend if they would like to. Please be aware as you are filling out the Terrific Kid form that many parents ask for the actual form at the end of the ceremony so they will have the actual writing that you place on the form :). It is a great idea to review and share best practices with each other about what you write on these forms since each one is shared out loud and then the hard copy is provided to the parents. You do such a wonderful job with this important recognition so please share how you do this with any new staff members, etc.
  • Staff Meeting immediately following dismissal in the Media Center. All certified staff come to meeting following dismissal. Classified staff do not need to attend this meeting.

Wednesday, October 14

  • Day 1 - K-2 will have specials and PLC Meetings. Due to the Early Release on 1st and 2nd grade will have specials and PLC meetings today.
  • Early Release Day. Staff should come to the media center immediately following dismissal to eat the light lunch/snack provided by our PTO. We will have our Staff Picture Made on this day so don't forget to wear your jeans and Oak Ridge Spirit Wear/ORE Colors. Following the light lunch and staff picture we will begin our PD sessions. Our sessions will focus on your 2 Teacher Outcomes from the Instructional Framework: Questioning and Writing. Following the lunch and picture, the PD sessions will be for certified staff only.

Thursday, October 15

  • Day 2 - 3-5 will have specials and PLC Meetings.
  • 3:00 - Health Insurance Group/Staff Meeting in Media Center. All staff attends.
  • 1st Grade Field Trip to Carolina Theater to see Junie B. Jones.

Friday, October 16

  • Day 3 - K-2 will have specials
  • Jeans Day :)
  • Writing Assessment Window Closes (there is a buffer week next week if you need it)
  • Individual Health Insurance Meetings 8:00-4:00