1B Classroom Update 2

October 16, 2015

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Check Out What is Happening in 1B!

Welcome to mid-October! We have been busy at work and play. We are settled into our classroom routines and continue to build our 1B community. Check out the updates below to find out more about specific topic areas.


In math, we have been sharing our strategies to add two numbers together to find the total amount. This includes practicing our number formation by using playdough and our number combinations (e.g. all the different way to join two numbers to make two-digit numbers) and sharing our strategies that we used to get there. One strategy we have worked on is saying the big number first and then holding it in our heart as we add the second number on by counting on our fingers. A way to support our learning at home is to create spoken word problems that discuss putting two groups of an object together and asking us to share the process we used to get to the total amount. For example, Ms. Vandehey found 8 pencils on the floor. She then found 5 more in the library. How many pencils did she find?

We have a Number Stories secret though... the most important part is to explain how we put the two numbers together. This helps us to deepen our own understanding of our own mathematical thinking as well as check our work...shh...

Writer's Workshop & Phonics

We are exploring rhymes! We are singing songs, reading poems, and exploring rhyming pattern books to identify words that rhyme. This skill helps us identify patterns in words and strengthen our phonic knowledge. We have applied this skill in writing as we sound out our words to help us spell independently. A fun way to support us at home is to play a rhyming game where you tell us one word and then sound out a word that rhymes and we have to say the word. You can tell us: "If you can spell cat, then you can spell th-a-t." Another way to support us at home is to encourage us to write about a moment that was really exciting for us. Journals are great for this! When we ask you to help us spell a word, have us try to do so independently.

Dance With Ms. Siby

Greetings Parents! It has been a joy and pleasure to meet and teach 1A dancers. We have been hard at work (and play), exploring the language of movement, through dance specific vocabulary, stories, games and end-of-class freestyle jams. Feel free to ask your child what they’ve learned in dance on Monday. They just might respond with a masterful performance!

Finding the Rhythm of a New School Year

Students in 1B started got into "the groove" of the new school year by exploring beats and rhythms! We watched marching bands and thought about what it takes to be part of a great music group! Using our rhythm sticks, we played along to songs we love and worked on creating our own rhythmic patters. We are looking forward to a fantastic year of making music together!
Warming up to "Happy"
Creating Rhythms 1B


1B started this school year in full Spanish Immersion. ¡Sí! No inglés. Solo español.

Everyday in our class we use music to sing, dance and explore the Spanish Immersion. We learn how to greet, how to introduce ourselves and how to express our feelings in Spanish ¿Cómo te sientes? ¿Feliz, triste o enfermo? We explored some TPR (Total Physical Response) techniques and we are impressed to see how quickly they learn the language. Now we are exploring the world of shapes. Last Friday we made tacos with círculos, rectángulos, cuadrados y triángulos. ¡Yummy Taco Viernes!

¡We are going to learn MUCHO ESPAÑOL!

Here you can find our Spanish Hits! Keep practicing at home!


Our favorite song is Chu Chu á


Muchas Gracias,


1B Baila el Chu chu a
1B TPR Technique #1
1B TPR Techniques #2