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The Student Perspective

Reading & Writing

By Emika, Emma and Ellie

In writing, we are doing a suspect sketch and we have to write a 2 paragraph essay on a story about a suspect and their crime they committed. We also have to sketch out the suspect and there features in our Art class this next week. We have also learned some new spelling and vocabulary words including the word "vain". Mrs. L always seems to find a song for our words and she played us an old song called "You're so Vain". In reading we are finishing our book The Watsons Go To Birmingham. For the book we are doing we have to do a Discussion Directer,Literature Luminary, Investigator, Connecter, Vocabulary Enricher with each chapter. We have learned a lot about the year 1963, the Civil Rights movement and how things were unfair during that time period. We are also memorizing our poem of the month. Our current poem is " If "By Rudyard Kipling, it is reminding us of many of the FIERCE traits we are reviewing this year. In writing we are also learning all the grammar terms and practiced voice in our writing.


By Megan, Supriya, Carson and Brigette

In Mrs. Laudato's class, we have been learning about exponents, the properties of multiplication, estimating products and reviewing how to multiply larger numbers by one digit. We also play math center games to help us review math concepts that we learn in class. We have a test next Friday!

At the end of Mrs. Reuter's class, we always play games, based on compass buddies. We have been learning about things like exponents and the distributive property. Every week, we do something called Math Olympiad. Math Olympiad is a sixth grade math challenge and an extension activity.

In Mrs Neu's class, we're learning about exponents and all the properties of math, such as commutative property, zero property, and identity property. Every Friday, we do Prodigy, which is an online game that includes fun math and our teacher can assign us specific math tasks to practice!

Social Studies & Science

By Isabel, Arun, Cameron and Isaiah

This week in science, we did a color lab with water to explore volume of liquids. We had colored water in 3 colors red,blue,yellow. We had to mix the colors until we had all the colors of the rainbow. We used pipettes to measure smaller amounts and graduated cylinders to measure the liquids in milliliters. We also completed a brown sugar lab. We had to measure the brown sugar on a triple beam balance then pat it down and compare the two cups one that was compressed versus the one that was not and notice which one had the greatest density. Mrs. L told use this is especially important in the science of cookie making where if a recipe calls for packed brown sugar, you should follow that instruction because it will affect the density of the cookie ( or matter).

In social studies we continued our PBL(project base learning) project. PBL is when we have to get supplies and do research to survive in times of disaster and is linked to geography. WE have learned a lot about how climate, weather, altitude, population of states and other geography features impact how we plan our project. We are also looking up geography terms which is when we draw a picture and write a definition of a term and study it for our geography quiz.

*The Video below demonstrates how liquids have different densities and can layer. Students were able to observe this as part of their Brown Sugar Density of Matter lab.
The Sci Guys: Science at Home - SE1 - EP5: 12 Layer Liquid Density Tower


By: Shane, Emily, Lauren, and Lombiso

In P.E. this week, we focused on the soccer unit. We also did fitness test scores while playing soccer. In design lab, we focused on physics and did a five minute tower to help our planning skills. In art, we drew beetles and next week we are going to draw our suspect sketches. In music, we learned the F clef and played a game involving the F clef. In media, we did coding on an app called Kodable and worked on coding. This is also a fun app to use as a fast finisher in class. In Spanish, we learned how to say our vocabulary words in plural and how to ask and respond to "what is that" and "who is that."