Battle Of Gettysburg

Making Comparisons By Kevin Lopez

Killer Angels and The Battle Of Gettysburg

In the book Killer angels and in the battle Of Gettysburg novel, both have the same kind of information. In the book Killer angels the Battle of Gettysburg it starts in the same date and time. Both of the novels have the same main generals like general Robert E. Lee, general of the U.S confederacy and Union General Hiram Ulysses Grant. The same number of soldiers died in the battle of Gettysburg there were about 51,000 soldiers who died it was the biggest battle ever fought in North America. The two novels have the same date of when it ended and started it started in July 1, 1863 and it ended in July 3, 1863.

Killer Angels Differences

In the book Killer Angels there are a couple of differences then with the battle of Gettysburg. In the book it talks about the spies during the war. There were more generals in the battle and it tells how the Confederacy planned their attacks. The book talks about many different locations that the soldiers passed or crossed to get to their destination. The book also tells how the generals die and how General Lee surrendered to General grant.
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Battle of Gettysburg Website Differences

In the website The Battle of Gettysburg it only has two generals. It has General Lee and General Grant. The website doesn't have people talking or any quotes in it. The website is only information about the battle of Gettysburg and does not have more. The book and novel both tell the same story but the novel has more specific information
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