Joe on the Go!

Joe's Journey

Come on a journey with Joe!

Joe will take you to the best three places in the Twin Cities. These three places are absolutely great for the family! These places a affordable for any type of family. First place Joe will take you is to where you can see the best hockey games played. Richfield Ice Arena! Great place for the family. Second, he will take you to Valley Fair, another exciting place and fun for the family. Last, but certaintly not least is Chipotle.

Best Rink In Town! " Get Your Game On!"

Come and Watch!

At the Richfield Ice Arena, you will see the best hockey teams from all around the Twin Cities! Game are on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The food is cheap also.

Best Theme Park In Minnesota! "Your Thrills Will Be Tested"

Best Theme Park

Grab you and your family and come on down to Valley Fair! The best theme park is Minnesota, its perfectly safe, Good employees. The best place to take a family on a weekend or Friday night! Really fun rides like the "Wild Thing" and more! We are open from 8AM-11PM Everday! We will love to see you there!

The Place To Eat! "Best Food In Town!"


Come on down to the best fast food place in Minnesota. We have the best food you can eat! Its a good place to go eat during your lunch hour, come with a buddy or family! We are open from 8AM-10PM Every day! When you walk up to our front door we will be ready to take your order!