Walk Two Moons

Judgements By:Riley Landolf


In the novel Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech a teenage girl named Sal is on a road trip to go see her mother. Along the way she tells the story of her best friend Phoebe's story. In the end Sal's mother was dead all along and she was going to visit her mother's grave by the time it was her birthday.

Margret Cadaver

In the Novel Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech Sal and Phoebe learn to not judge a book by its cover, and learn that in order to judge a book in this case several people you have to read the book. One example of this is that Phoebe thought Mrs. Cadaver was an axe murderer. "I think maybe she killed Mr. Cadaver and chopped him up and buried him in the backyard." p.32. Later they realized that this was not the case at all and Mr. Cadaver was actually killed in a car accident and she was a nurse who tried to save him. " Her husband died when a drunk driver rammed into his car." p.218.

Mike Bickle

Another example of Phoebe and Sal judging to fast is when they thought that Mike Bickle was a Lunatic when he was actually close to the exact opposite. "... turn out to be an escaped lunatic." p.43. Eventually they figure out that Mike is not a lunatic at all he is Phoebe's older brother and Mrs. Winterbottom's son. "Mike is my son." Mrs. Winterbottom had said on p.248. This was very unexpected to Sal and especially Phoebe.

The Finneys

A great example of Phoebe and Sal judging to fast is when they both judged the Finney's and thought that if their parents acted childish and wanted to play kid games it would be embarrassing. " I wonder if Mary Lou is embarrassed because of the way her parents are acting." p.47. In the end Sal realizes that this is what her mom had wanted the whole time. She had wanted many children and to relax, act childish ,and to have a full nest. " ... this is what my mother had wanted... a full house of children and confusion" p.161.

Mr. Birkway

Also in this novel Sal and Phoebe's English teacher is with Mrs. Cadaver before they knew she was innocent and they thought that Mr. Birkway was a helping hand in the crime of killing Mrs.Cadaver's husband. " Maybe Mr. Birkway helped her chop up her husband and bury him..." p.86. Soon they figure out that Mr. Cadaver had died awhilie ago and that Mr. Birkway is Mrs. Cadaver's brother. Mr.Birkway had said, " Mrs. Cadaver is my sister." p.219.


In the end Sal and Phoebe had learned that Mrs. Cadaver was just a kind and sweet lady , Mike Bickle was Phoebe's brother, the Finney's were the family they had wanted all along, Mr.Birkway was Mrs. Cadavers brother, and they learned their lesson about judging too fast before you know the whole story.