Non-Traditional Careers

Izabelle Andrews and Abbie Wofford

What Is a Non-Traditional Career?

Careers in which fewer than25% of the workforce is of one gender.

Non-Traditional Careers

It is non-traditional for women to be plumbers, broadcast technicians, airline pilots, chiropractors, and detectives/criminal investigators.

It is non-traditional for men to be court reporters, hand sewers, demonstrators/product promoters, psychiactric aides, and makeup artists.

Successful Non-Traditional Women Workers

Lillian A. Baumbach


She was the first woman master plumber in the 1950s.

Successful Non-Traditional Working Men

Sam Fine

Makeup Artist

The highest paid maekup artist in the world today.

Advantages of Non-Traditional Careers

1.) benefit of following your dreams

2.) people with non-traditional jobs receive more attention

3.) for women pay is typically much higher in careers where men dominate

Disadvantages of Non-Traditional Careers

1.) lack of mentors

2.) potential negative feelings from co-workers, especially for female workers in a traditionally male career

3.) little or no support from family and friends who may question your motives for entering a more challenging career