Sound Communication

By: Madelyn Meier

What Is It?

Communication is a way that animals talk to each other. Sound communication is used by animals with strong vocal abilities. The two types of communication are simple and complex. Simple is where the animal only has around two calls; a mating call and a warning call. The only species that uses complex communication is humans. A complex language uses sounds, symbols, and letters. Sound communication can also be used in echolocation, which is a way to bounce sound off of walls in case the animal can't see.
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Shut Your Mouth

Monkeys communicate by making very loud hooting noises. This is a good example of simple communication in which they have around only two calls; one for predators and dangers and one to locate other monkeys.

Your Koalafications Are Irrelephant

Elephants make a very loud trumpeting sound with their long trunk. This is used to locate their lost young ones and can also help tell other elephants where a good food source is. Their sound, like many other animals, is used to warn other elephants of predators and other dangers that could be lurking around their group.,d.cGU&psig=AFQjCNHe9jgwMswbKfSrBG7K5hKHQCQkfQ&ust=1429669487171192