Geri's Game

Reid Harrell 8-4

*Movie Moment

After Gerihas won the chess game, why does he ask for his teeth back?

Geri asks for his teeth back after the game because in a previous match he bet his teeth and lost, and after the game he recently won he earned his teeth back.


Name of conflict: person vs self because in Geri's chess game, he doesn't have anyone to play with, so he plays with himself


Main characters: Nice Geri and mean Geri

Setting:In a park at a table

*Rising Action

Event 1: Geri is playing both sides of the board.

Event 2: Mean Geri keeps taking all of Nice Geri's pieces.

Event 3: Mean Geri laughs at Nice Geri while Nice Geri is trying to find out where to move to.


Nice Geri fakes a heart attack and while Mean Geri is looking to see if he is okay, Nice Geri flips the board and plays Mean Geri's pieces.

*Falling Action

Event 1: Nice Geri surrounds Mean Geri's last piece.

Event 2: Nice Geri checkmates Mean Geri


How is the main conflict resolved?

Geri plays a game of chess with himself and earns his teeth back

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