2nd Hand News

February 2017

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We have been enjoying a taste of Spring and hope that it returns soon! Thank you, parents, for being present at conferences to share your students' work and progress.

February has been a busy month. 2nd graders loved making heart-shaped craft magnets, delivering Valentines, and enjoying lovingly-made treats on V Day. We have wrapped up the regrouping unit, which will come in handy as students move on to working with money. They learned about the presidents on coins and celebrated George Washington's 285th birthday "by coincidence." 2nd graders have brainstormed and recorded the Quaker testimonies, or SPICES, and how they can make them a part of their day and community. Adding even more syllable "flavor scoops" to their store of decoding knowledge, the students are learning the v-e concept and its exception. Be on the lookout for information on the upcoming Bookworm Project. The 100th Day of School was celebrated by discussing all things 100: addition and multiplication that equals 100, money, and centuries. Students designed their own hats of 100 inch strips. This month we were fortunate to enjoy a Rainforest assembly and met several exotic critters. And this week, we travel to the Franklin Institute with Big Friends to learn more about our amazing brains.


  • Franklin Institute field trip, Tuesday, February 27th. Please pack a snack and lunch. Students should wear appropriate walking shoes and clothes for the weather.
  • Pajama Day is March 10th
  • Spring Break March 13th-17th
  • Please make sure your student knows their dismissal plans every day and has their "back up" dismissal chart. If dismissal plans are still being determined in the morning, please let me know by email as soon as possible because teachers let the office know first thing in the morning. LS car pick up is at 3 pm and late car pick up is at the bus wall at 3:15. Thank you for helping to ensure a smooth and safe LS dismissal time.

Thank you for you continued support in and out of the classroom!

In partnership,

Mrs. Nyce