By Jake Nanni


Toxicology is the branch of science concerned with the nature, effects, and detection of poisons. (During crime scene/Forensics).

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How Field is Used in Forensics

Forensic toxicology can pick out poisons and hazardous chemicals. The chemical of each substance such as drugs and other poisons are studied and can be identified from sources such as urine, hair, and blood. Toxicology in forensics is when substances are absorbed, distributed, or eliminated in the body. When learning about drugs and how they act in the body, forensic toxicology will study where the drug affects the body.

Job Requirments

In order to get a job in toxicology you need to get a basic education then continue to medical school for allopathic or osteopathic. Then you must complete a primary residency which is 3 years of specialty training. You also need a 2 year fellowship in medical toxicology and be approved by the board.

Real Criminal Case

In this criminal case toxicology was used to test the blood alcohol content. This case is about a car accident that was a head on collision that killed 8 people. The cause of these deaths were from drunk driving and drugs she had taken before getting in the car. (click link read first 2 paragraphs)