How to Start using Google Applications

Google applications only work if you have a Google account, to get one just type in into your browser to get this search engine, you will see Google stuck in the middle and in the top right corner you will see sign up and log in. Log in if you already have an account, if not click sign up and create an account so you are able to use Google application's.

When you are signed in you will see your profile in the top right corner and next to it should be nine tiny squares click the box with the tiny squares that will give you the application menu. Once the application menu is shown, pick the application you want to use, keep it in mind some of the application you click on will require a download to be able to use that application. The applications that don't require a download will be Gmail, Youtube, Google search, Google maps and Google calendar, the rest of the application may require downloading before you are able to use them.

If you click on an application without signing into Google or you don't have an account you will get this message or you will be put on to the sign in page which looks like this.
Just re sign in or create an account and you should re-gain access or get access to all of Google's applications.


G'mail is Google's email system, its fast, easy to use and you get less spam when using it.

This application made by Google and is very popular by business men and woman, employers, friends and family members because of its fast and easy to use.

To use G'mail you require a Google account to be able to access your mail and the messages people send you. G'mail doesn't require any downloads to use. Its just your account from there you have access to your inbox (the place you receive your mail) If you click on compose you can write your own emails and send them to people. A good thing about using Google mail is you don't get spam or if you do it will be less frequent which is always a good thing because you don't want to go and check your mail and find loads of spam.

When you create a Google account, you first have to come up for a name or a username for your account but your email address will end in or and you will use this to log into Google and then be able to access the applications provided by Google.

Google Calendar

Another Google application is Google Calendar, its not just a calendar that tells you days of the month, Google calendar is whole lot more than that. Google calendar allows you to plan out what you need to do for the week, create days where you have an meeting to attend. Just create a day where you have to be or have to do on that day and Google calendar will allow you to plan your time, day and week out just by a click of a button.

Google Calendar will ether send you an email or an text to let you know if you got anything planned for the week which is very useful for businessmen and workers. These alerts Google Calendar will send you, will make it that you are never late for a meeting, party, events or even hanging out with you friends on weekends.

Google Drive

Google drive is Google's version of the cloud server where you are able to save any work, documents, pictures, videos,music and be able to access that work anywhere in the world as long as you you are at computer system and connected to the internet. Google drive does the same job except you are able to access Google drive from your mobile phone, tablet, computers systems, laptop and any other devices that can connect to the internet.

This makes Google drive more unique and easy to use which makes it a very useful tool for business men and women as well as any workers who want to access there data from anywhere in the world.

Another thing about Google Drive it requires a download to use it and you must have Google account to even be able to access all your data and files that you may have saved onto Google Drive for storage space.


Youtube a wonderful place where you can browse through videos and music videos all day long. Youtube is simple application owned by Google its videos come in many different things some examples are funny cat videos, game videos, music, tutorials videos and how to get job videos lots of content to be made. Youtube is sort of classed as a social website because you are able to comment on other peoples videos, watching the videos helps the creators gain more viewers so they are able to make more videos. There are some people who like to write bad things on certain videos but apart from that the community on Youtube is very fair.

Youtube is the only application that dose not require an account because you are still able to watch videos which the creators of those videos make public for everyone to watch. Downside is you wont be able to create videos of your and upload them for the world to see and you wont be able to comment on other people videos too. Some videos on Youtube are age restricted and will not allow you to watch the video, to by pass this you must have an Google account and your age on your account will allow you to watch age restricted videos.

On Youtube you will find a lot of videos that may help you by showing you what to do at an job interview and not what to do at a job interview, these videos are very helpful because most people have no idea what to do, how to act, how to behave and how to dress for a job interview. Youtube will have a lot content on tutorial's, why because if you want to teach someone or lots of people at once you record your self giving out a demonstration and upload it to the internet where every one can watch it and learn from your teachings.

More Applications

From the application I have mentioned, there are lot's more application, that do more stuff and have the capabilities of doing different things. An example of this is Google store, Google's marketplace where you can buy themes, indie games, movies and few more things that I can not remember. Another application would be Google news look recent news reports and find about events around the world.

An application that may be fun Google earth thanks to Google's satellite you can look at earth and be able to view every country, every Island, view the seven seas and even look up where you live by using Google earth.