5 Reasons to Live

Reasons to keep living.

When you think the wrong choice is right.

Terrible things happen to wonderful people. People who deserve the best. Trust me I have been the one to question why bad things happen, but they definitely do happen for a reason. I believe that horrible things happen because they make us stronger and more experienced. When I lost my favorite person in the world, my grandma, I hated everything and everybody. We were very close and despite all my flaws, she was always there to guide me and love me. Then suddenly she was gone and it was up to me to be my own savior and become stronger. To make matters worse, I was moving to a new school with strange people that I didn't know. Although I did meet the most important people that are now my best friends. Without them who knows what would have happened to me, but thankfully they were put in my life. Trust me I know what it's like creeping close to the edge of wanting to die and give up, but it's important to find someone who gives you hope and lifts you out of the darkness. I want to be that person to somebody in need.

Reason 1 - How would my death make my friends and family feel? (Pathos)

In Tears of a Tiger after Andy's suicide, Rhonda wanted to know what he was thinking while holding the gun ready to end it all. I feel the same. I wouldn't be able to kill myself and not consider the effect it would have on my friends or family. Would they do the exact same thing I did? I know that if I was one of Andy's friends I would blame myself for not being able to help him. I believe that the people who need help the most are scared to get help and they are just waiting for one person to make another day livable. It's important to be that kind of person to someone who is dying a little everyday. Maybe you can't save everyone, but one person can make a difference. Think of your friends and family, how would they feel if you left?
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Reason 2 - To accomplish a dream (Logos)

I want to be able to keep living to accomplish my dream that has already taken so much work. Everybody has dreams and goals that are inside their heads. Wouldn't you feel great if you finally tackled your goals and dreams? My dream is to become a teacher who not only helps a student comprehend school subjects better, but someone that they can talk to when they feel like no one else will. It's very important for teachers to be close to their students. It not only makes them care more about the class, but it might save a student's life. Teacher's see their students for an hour a day every week. Who knows what goes on at home, but if you can make part of their day better then it's worth it. If I committed suicide, my dream wouldn't ever come true. Suicide has many horrible side effects and not being able to fulfill your dreams is a big one.
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Reason 3 - To pursue the chance of truly being happy (Ethos)

In Tears of a Tiger Andy would never know what it's like to truly be happy. Maybe if he didn't commit suicide and he won the difficult battle that was killing him, he would have the chance of being happy. Maybe that person to make him happy would be Keisha, but we don't know. If you decided that it was time to end your life, think of the things and people that make you happy. I know what it's like to feel alone in the dark and wondering if people will ever come to show you into the light. I used to be friends with people who treated me like I wasn't there and I felt invisible and lonely. I made the choice to make better friends and put myself in more positive situations.
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Reason 4 - To be able to keep dancing (Pathos)

I love to dance. I love dancing with my friends. For me, dancing is a way for me to escape from everything weighing me down yet be able to express my emotions because of them. I remember watching other people dance and think how it made me more confident to inspire other people to dance. If it was my end I wouldn't be able to inspire other people to find a way to express themselves. My friends also make dancing more special for me. Recently we had our 3rd annual dance recital and without my friends there it would have been a more stressful event instead of exciting. I dance to feel alive and if I couldn't do that I would be lost.

Reason 5 - To make the world a better place (Logos)

The last reason for me to keep living is to make the world a more happy and considerate place. If there are more people in the world who are kind to others, less tragedy would happen. I want to be the person who can inspire others to be a better person. One small act of kindness can change a person's whole life and from there they can help others. So one person definitely does make a difference. It's important to have the courage to speak out and be kind to others.
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Don't give up

I know many people want to give up when times gets tough but you can't let small things that won't matter later get you down. Chances are that there are many people around you that you don't know are struggling. They want help, they are just too scared to ask for it. In my French class we just watched the movie Les Misérables and we talked about how the main character got a second chance when he least expected it. Because of that second chance he helped other people. Just a smile at a stranger in the hallway at school can save a life.