Educational Inequality

By: Vicky and Julina


Education is very important throughout the world future generations. Students who study to read and learn will not only increase economic growth but are also able to lead their country's future. Education is more than just being able to learn how to read or write, it is about one of the ways to being able to make money.


The success of education will lead you to a better future and being able to have a superior job. Some schools may have presentations such as projects that they need to boost a student's confidence. Many jobs require confidence and speaking skills. The success of having an exceptional education could lead someone's life into many great options.

Graduation In University

Education is the way through life

Did you know...

- Tony Abbott is wanting to expand school days to 6 days and adding extra 4 hours to current school learning hours.
- Tony Abbott has cut two-thirds of the Gonski Plan when he currently became Prime Minister.
- Universities are able to provide very special equipments to students such as being able to see actual skeletons when learning about anatomy of the human body...

Why Educational Inequality a Social Issue ?

Educational Inequality is a Social Issue because public schools is not getting enough funds sufficiently to attain the maximum standard of educational students should be acquiring. Private schools are getting more money than Public schools as this makes a very unequal balance of money between these two types of schools.

What can Educational Inequality cause?

It doesn't seem that important but out of a 120 seventh grade of students in North Carolina only 7 of them know the President of United States. A school in America mostly graduates half of the people in the grade. Also many universities only graduate one out of ten to look for jobs.

What can students actually achieve?

Many students is putting a lot of effort and courage into education but they aren't learning much as Private schools. Having a teacher that always encourage people can help with a student's education. It isn't fair that Private schools are getting more skilled teachers than public. Why should the government do this? All students deserve a good education. They can achieve great jobs and also many facilities to continue their successful life.


Educational Inequality is when students are being compared with others. Also that not every student is getting the same share of learning. Schools are also being compared by other schools or by countries with different teaching methods.

BlackShear School Inequality

This video link will lead you to a video on YouTube about Blackshear Public School's Inequality compared to other schools.


We need a higher education for all

People living in Australia are very fortunate to have education for 5 days a week. Schools in Australia provides us with pencils, erasers, rulers etc. Some schools in Cambodia cannot even afford to buy a pencil. Each day these children are dressed in ragged clothes and are very skinny and weak as they don't have enough nutrition as other lucky students. We need to work together to make this fair.

Education is not the learning of facts, it's the training of the mind to think.

Why are boys treated higher than girls?

Many research provides the facts that boys are being treated better than girls in some countries, they are not being able to get good feedbacks. Plus, can you believe they are allowed mild classroom behaviour? There are more male genders attending school than female. Both gender deserve a good education.

Why do men have more rights than women?

Research shows than men are getting more payoff to education than women. For example, in less than 9 years, women get only $12, 251 and men get $17, 394. It's not just on education, many years ago, women weren't even able to vote! Women earn and should have the same rights as men!

Education is a gift that none can take away

Educational Tax Refund

In Australia, we have the educational tax refund. This is when in the start and the end of the year the previous Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd was giving money out to all school children. Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister of Australia now and he has decided to cancel it. Why is he doing this?

Why doesn't every school deserve the same thing?

Educational Inequality is not the fact that kids don't put their full effort into learning, it's the fact that they aren't given a good education. So what if they're poor or rich, they deserve the same thing. Not every school has everything they need to give to students. Schools are being compared to other schools, for better and worse.


Some people might be richer than others. But that doesn't mean that the poor are unworthy. Research has proven that in some countries, wealth matters as the rich get education and the poor don't. Of course, the rich can afford to get education and the poor doesn't but that doesn't mean that the poor don't need an education at all.

We are all here to learn

No matter if you're rich or poor, clever or not, we are all here for education. Thinking you have courage will lead you to a amazing future. Not even teachers know everything but if we work together we will see the future generations.

Why is education not free?

Education, in some countries, aren't free for all people and gender to have. Education is being judged by those who think men are more sofisticated than women that women aren't allowed to go to school. Another is that wealthy people can have education and the poor can't. What's so special about those who are wealthy? We are all the same people living in the same world.

Education is everything

Living as those who are poor

Some people are fortunate enough to be able to have a superb education but for those who are living in the shoes of becoming penniless, they too need a exceptional education. We have all the things we need to survive and stay healthy, food. Others don't. We have an individual smartness in us that we don't need education. But for those who are needy, they need an education to reach the goal of having a better life.

How can we decrease educational inequality?

One big relevant reason to educational inequality is socio-economic. Many white people are having higher levels of education than the dark skinned. What we can do to try and make educational inequality decrease is by changing some of the reasons of why whites are getting higher education and blacks don't. We have to try and change this.

Find out why the whites are having a better education. We are all the same human beings meaning we deserve the same attention in class or anywhere. There should be no one feeling like they are in the corner of anything.

Education is the lighting of a fire


So therefore, as Educational Inequality being a Social Issue, it is something that is concerning about different kids, wealth, poor, gender and more that education is unequal. What should we do about educational inequality before it's too late? People, different or the same should be able to deserve the same rights to education.