Hellen Keller

Deaf and blid ..so


Hellen Keller was actually a very incapable to do the many things that all other children her age enjoyed, like go to a normal school, listen to music, and watch movies. But despite all of fails to be ordinary, she achieved to be extraordinary and perceived to be one of the greatest inspirations ever.


Ms. Keller had to deal with the struggle of not being able to hear her loved ones, because of course she was deaf.


She also had behavior problems, which was more of a problem for the people around her rather than herself.


On top of scaring her family with random fits and episodes, she was incompetent to vision like she was her hearing.


Many might argie that some other people can take the place as #1 on the list of hardest struggles, which they can but Hellen just really stood out to me as an extraordinary woman.


In summary though others may be more conceited to other people in the book, I still think that Ms.Keller had it the worst.