Frederick Douglass

By: River Shaunfield

Frederick Augustus Wasington Bailey Douglas

February 1818 to February 20, 1895

This is Douglass's birth and death dates.

The best thing I learned about was

Frederick Douglass was discriminated in that day and age which I think pushed him to be better


Frederick Douglass was born on a plantation and was a as soon as he was born he became a slave.

To become famous.

He wrote books and write a newspaper about his life as a slave and how he escaped.

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

This is one of his many qoates

Douglass was nominated

  1. Douglass was nominated for vice president of the united states in 1872

Douglass Birth day

Douglass didn't really know his exact birth date so they just took a guess around the year they thought would be reasonable.
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