WalnutsPedia Weekly

Issue No. 16, Published December 11th, 2014

Can you Believe it .... A Snow Storm hit our Class this Week !!!

It was truly a cold week, but we were everywhere !

Lots of activities took place this week in class and outside as well despite the cold weather !

This week the children learned more about the different types of weather and seasons during Science sessions and they had fun in the snow ..... ask them about the snow storm that hit class this week ! They also learned about "Patterns" in Math as an integration with seasons . And definitely had fun making an igloo for letter "I" activity along with hitting the moon as astronauts with letter "A" activity. Read more for insights !

Visit the "Nuts for Parents" section and go to the photo gallery to see more pictures of this weeks activities

Christmas Bazar

Friday, Dec. 12th, 10am

At School Garden

Enjoy the Christmas Bazaar with your children at the school garden on December 12th from 10 am till 4:00 pm . Lots of vendors will be available and Santa will be there too !