Mastering Online Personal Branding

What is Google telling the world about you?

We're online, all of us. Potential employers, clients, professors, classmates --­ all of them will Google you. What will Google tell them?

You Need a Gameplan.

How we are portrayed online, such as through Google search results, is a key part of our personal brand. In many instances, that online portrayal is the first impression a stranger develops of us. Wouldn't you rather have some control over how you're portrayed online? Curating your presence on LinkedIn and Twitter offers a way to influence that online portrayal ­-- to establish a personal brand that promotes us in a positive and compelling way. Increasingly, our online personal brand is the most powerful tool we have for landing job interviews, communicating with peers, and attracting clients.

Mastering Online Personal Branding

Tuesday, March 11th, 5-7pm

1515 Agate St

Eugene, OR

Join us at the University of Oregon School of Law, for an evening with Pinky Gonzales. A personal branding expert, Pinky will walk you through how to develop a compelling LinkedIn profile and Twitter presence, use LinkedIn to grow your professional network, and show you ways to distinguish yourself through engaging, curated online content.

A reception with hors d'oeuvres and refreshments will follow Pinky's presentation.

Admission is $7 and includes drink tickets and food. Space is limited, so reserve your seat today by clicking the button above.

This event is made possible in collaboration with the Lundquist College of Business and with the generous support of the Multnomah Bar Association.

The University of Oregon is an equal-opportunity, affirmative action institution committed to cultural diversity and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Learn From the Best

Pinky Gonzales, owner of Upriver Solutions, is a celebrated speaker and consultant on personal branding, career development, and digital marketing and communications. His work has been featured by numerous media outlets, including Marketplace from American Public Media (NPR),, and Billboard Magazine. A mentor-in-residence at the Portland Incubator Experiment (PiE) at Weiden & Kennedy, Pinky has helped myriad individuals and businesses develop powerful personal brands and branding strategies.

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