Winslow's Weekly Update

Looking Ahead in Room B-4


This week we will read a non-fiction story about Plants and the Seasons. We will practice finding important text and also comparing and contrasting as we read. Our phonics will be words with the -ee and -ea digraphs. (dear, ear, steer, year, deer...) We have started our informational reports in writing. The first step was to explore the app, Pebble Go which gave us lots of animals to choose from. Each student had to pick 6 animals that they were interested in and explore this site to find out more information. After exploring, our next step is to research our one chosen animal and start compiling information.


We have been working hard on understanding the process of 2-digit addition with regrouping. We will learn how to find unknown partners of a dollar and practice solving real world 2-digit addition story problems.

Important News

***On Thursday, the Maple Grove Firefighters will be visiting our classrooms. They will talk to us about having a family plan at home in case of a fire and other important fire safety topics.

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