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What is recycling

This site would give you some information about recycling.

How does recycling these items help our environment ?

1.metal items


3.Electric waste

All these things aren't usually recycled weekly.

What materials can we recycling from our home each week?

In the Farfield City Council area we can recycle alluminium cans, glass bottles and jars

Explain what 'REDUCE ,REUSE,RECYCLE' means.

Reduce means to not take things that are not needed for instance buying a bottle of water at the shops were you could just get a bottle of water from home. Taking a plastic bag from the shops but you have no reason to get it and throwing it away.

Reuse means to have used something and once they are no use anymore they could have a second or even a third life. I reuse at home by lending clothes, boots or any other thing away to people that need it like giving my old clothes to charity or my mum would use my old shirts that are torn to clean around the house. But reuse doesn't only mean to give away or use clothes in another way it could also mean household materials could be given away.

Recycling means to put used things like milk cartons, cardboard, paper,plastic bags, plastic bottles you recycle these so they could be used again, again and again. What I recycl at home is paper,cardboard,bottles,aluminium cans,steel cans and thats basically what I recycle at home.

LIst three ways recycling helps the environment.

1.Recycling alluminium cans save energy once they are recycled because it takes a lot of electricity to burn bautixe to make alluminium but if we recycle them we dont need to burn bautixe.

2. It decreases pollution around the world.

3. Recycling saves expensives and resources.

What are these items recycled into

Crayons can be recycled into candles.

Metal items get recycled into cars.

Electronic waste can be recycled into glass and plastic products.

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