Fallen Angels

by Walter Dean Myers

Over 58 thousand American soldiers died during the Vietnam War..

"My father used to call all soldiers angel warriors," he said. "Because usually they get boys to fight wars. Most of you aren't old enough to vote yet."

(Myers 25).

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17 year old boy, Richie Perry, from Harlem joins the army and is sent to Vietnam. There, he sees many of his fellow soldiers and others die in the muggy hot weather. Attacks were still coming, causing peace talks to fade. Perry has troubles figuring out who the good, and bad guys are in the war. He keeps wondering why he and others were still fighting in the Vietnam War.

Re-Live the Vietnam War by joining many and reading this great book!

FALLEN ANGELS, by Walter Dean Myers

3.1 million dead..

3.1 million deaths occurred during the Vietnam War according to the Vietnam government. Honor and remember the brave soldiers that sacrificed their lives for freedom. Reading Fallen Angels is a great way to remember them.

Walter Dean Myers

Walter Dean Myers was an African American author who wrote many books. He won the Coretta Scott King Award for African American authors five times. His novel Fallen Angels is one of the most challenged books because of its language and its horrid depiction of the Vietnam War.
Read Fallen Angels and never forget those who died!