A Little Bit Scary

By Evan Malinow

You may think that creepy clown is a ittle bit scary but...................

He makes snow cones on sunny days.creepy clown 4 also gives food for the people in need.

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Good Deeds

He pays 1/3 of his money to little kids who are poor or are ill.

He travels the hole world to cheer up little kids who are less fortunate than other.

He makes snow cones for people.


Creepy Clown has 150 sisters and 1 brother.

Creepy Clowns mother is a oompa loompa his father Willy Wonka.

Creepy Clown has 123 oompa loompas as servants hhe calls them his family.


Creepy Clown plays soccer for Barcolona.

Creepy Clown likes running he has beat Usain Bolt.

Creepy Clown plays football in the NFL.

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