England vs. Spain

And the Spanish Armada

Years:1585 - 1604

Root Cause Of War

The main cause of the war was religion. England broke away from the Catholic ways and was going to the Christian religion. Elizabeth the queen of England's sister Mary married the Spanish king and then Elizabeth started discriminating against the Catholic religion. Therefore starting the English vs Spanish war.

Direct cause of war

The Direct cause was the beheading of queen Mary, the wife of the king of Spain. This beheading was done by the next in line for the throne, Elizabeth. This caused the Spanish King to become very frustrated at the English and he decided to try and attack the English people.


Who: The Spanish and English Navies.

What: A Religious war between Spain and England.

When: Between 1585 and 1604

Where: Near the coast and in the ocean between Spain and England and on land in Western Europe.

Why: The discrimination of religions and the exile and beheading of the Queen of Spain.

Key Figures of Spain

  • Duke of Medina Sedema: A member of the nobility, the highest rank below the monarch.
  • 22 Gallons: A large multi deck sailing ship.
  • 108 Armed Merchant Ships: A ship that is used by a merchant that is capable of fighting at sea.

Key Figures of England

  • Lord Charles Howard: One of the highest rank but it is not a regular rank but a very important person.
  • Sir John Hawkin: An admiral
  • Sir Francis Drake: He was a captain,privateer, navigator, and a politician
  • 35 Warships: A ship that was designed for combat, these normally had 32 cannons on each side as well as mortar cannons and fireswivels on the highest deck.
  • 163 Armed Merchant Ships: A ship that is used by a merchant that is capable of fighting at sea.


The country that ended up victorious was England. The biggest detail of the treaty was the law that made it illegal for the loyal ships to attack the other countries cargo ships.

The Big Picture

The biggest detail of the war was the destruction of the WHOLE Spanish Armada, that means that every Spanish ship was destroyed in the war.

This meant that the English people could just sail over the the New World, and claim land, without having to worry about being attacked by Spanish Ships, because there weren't any.

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Elizabethan Privateering

This book showed a bunch of documents that had a version of privateering that was a form of legal private warfare at seas that in which gave individuals who possessed suitable ships. An opportunity to plunge into the war and help attack the Spanish armadas.