Farmers and Settlers of the Plains

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The Farmers and Settlers on the Great Plains

In the 1800's the Homestead act and the Morrill act encouraged westward expansion by granting land to settlers in the west. This allowed many settlers to head west, create houses and or farms and attempt to live off the great planes.


Though the great plains provide a large quantity of new land for settlement it also proved to be difficult to settle on. One must ask how life was like on the great plains for these settlers. What complications did they face to get to the plains and how were they to survive the hard and unfamiliar conditions on the plains?

Furthermore, how would life be like today for the United States if we never expanded west. Would we still be an international superpower like we are now? Would we of perhaps been effected economically?

The Geography of the Great Plains.

The Great Plains is a vast interior portion of the united states, that of which is made up of grasslands. The great plains spans approximately 500,000 square miles in area. The climate of the great plains involves humid and hot summers followed by cold and harsh winters with high wind speeds. Many Thunderstorms and Tornado's may occur during the summer in the great plains making the climate one of the most dangerous additions to the great plains.
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