I Will Fly

A song of Hope for Amir

Free Amir - "I Will Fly"
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"I Will Fly (Amir's Song)" performed live for the first time on February 3, 2012 at the Woodside Church in Flint, Michigan.

The performance was apart of the Mott Community College Haiti Benefit Concert.

The Amir Hekmati Freedom Campaign would like to thank all those involved in the recording of this song and their dedication to raising not only awareness about Amir's detention, but their voices on behalf of Amir while his voice has been silenced.

Vocals: Matthew J. Packer (composer) and Richard Kerry Thompson, Flutes: Townes Osborn Miller and Mary Procopio, Cello: Krista Black, Guitar: Bradford Fielder, Bass: Jack McDonald, Percussion: Delaina Oberman, Choir: Mott Community College Concert Choir and Chamber Singers, Flute/Cello Orchestration: William Withem, Video Recording: Jeff Bussure

I Will Fly (Amir's Song)

Written and Composed by

Dr. Matthew James Packer