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Jack and Jill are both dead

Jack and Jill both tripped and fell off a cliff to their death in Canada in 1842, and we still miss them to this day. Jack and Jill's bodies were not found for 30 days. Jack and Jill's mom, Jennifer, was really sad. On the other hand, Jack and Jill's dad was really worried. When Jack and Jill's bodies were found, their parents were relieved. When Jennifer and Brok found the bodies, they brought them up to their home to bury them

Why Cat's are awsome

Cats can absorb some falls, but it deals with their legs which absorbs the fall. Undomesticated cats are called in Latin, Felis Silvestris Catus. The sister animal of the cats are lions and tigers. Cats are usually inside cats, but since some people are allergic, they let them be outside cats. There are over 70 cat breeds, and one of them is the British Shorthair. Some cats can be naughty or really nice, but it’s the luck of getting one. Other cat breeds are the long hairs and short hairs. Some cats can be good pets and others can’t be if you don’t love on them and play games with them. Some cats need a ton of toys to keep them busy, while others eat a ton of food. Cats have a long gestation period: it’s usually up to 64-67 days.

Why i like Grand Theft Auto 5

My favorite game/ the only game I have is Grand Theft Auto 5. GTA 5 is a really good game if you don't do anything bad, that's why I have it because I try to do nothing bad. GTA 5 is like a free world except they cut screens, but it's really just a free world that you drive in. The newest GTA 5 came out in 2013, and it was the most popular/bought and still is. On the older systems PS3/XBOX 360, there's a ton of modders and so if you meet one, he will probably mess the game up and if he gives you a ton of money, you'll get banned from online in GTA 5. In GTA 5, there's an online which is where you can play with other people and there's an offline where you can only play as one person. You use the triangle to get out/in the car, the circle is to punch something, square is to jump, and x is to run in GTA 5 on the Playstations. My favorite system to play on is the PS4 and the PS3.