Dissociative Identity Disorder

Multiple Personalty

This disease is the mental process which produces a lack of connection in a personals thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, sense of identity, and coping mechanisms. It is sought to stem from trauma.


Researchers say the cause of DID is from extreme trauma that occurs during important stages of development, such as childhood. For example if they experienced severe emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. They could also have went threw natural disasters or even war.


There are three main sources to help with Dissociative Identity Disorder, but there is no know full cure. There's psychotherapy, medication, and self-help. Listed below are the steps taken in each method.


Psychotherapy is the treatment of choice for individuals suffering from any type of dissociative disorder. Approaches vary widely, but generally take an individual and talk to each of the various personality states and make into one, achieving whole personality.


If medication is prescribed, it should be carefully monitored. It is not recommended. Maintenance and effective use of prescriptions given the multiple personality states is difficult to attain.


This involves different support groups to help and benefit the people who have this disorder and to come together to show they are not alone.

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No Specific Test

1.) The presence of two or more district identities or personality states.

2.) Personalities that repeatedly take control.

3.) Inability to recall important information.

4.) Illness not a result of the direct physiological effects of a substance, such as alchol, drugs, and general medication.