EL Happenings

Volume 2 Issue 3

EL Book Club!

Our first ever district EL Book Club pilot meeting was a success! We can't wait to share what we learn with the rest of you! Studying the YA novel Refugee by Alan Gratz allows us to have courageous conversations that have us refocus and reinforce how we serve our own ELs. We even had a special guest, author of Refugee Alan Gratz himself! It was wonderful to hear his insights on how he created certain characters and scenes to get his message across.

High School EL 3

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Mrs. Peddie's EL 3 class wanted to learn more about the roots of racism throughout history and today. Mrs. Peddie decided to take them back to World War 2 as many of the students have heard about it and can speak on the issues of today. First the students brainstormed the things they knew about the Holocaust, then they read an Achieve 3000 article called "Remembering the Holocaust" to add to their learning about what they knew. Finally, students were able to "walk around" a setting of their article, one of the first concentration camps, Dachau, by using Google cardboard. Students had to use sensory details to describe what they saw while they were "walking". This lesson really highlights the SIOP feature, Hands-On Materials and/or Manipulatives Provided for Students to Practice Using New Content Knowledge in the Classroom, component Practice and Application. Manipulating learning materials is important for English learners because it helps them connect abstract concepts with concrete experiences. It also reduces the language load.

Sheltered Language Arts- 6th Grade

Mr. Drwecki's 6th grade language arts block are learning right at their level and being pushed to move on to the next! After whole group, students rotate between three different learning stations; skills focus with their EL teacher, independent reading, and small group time with Mr. Drwecki. Each small group plan was thought out to meet that groups' needs. Although each individual group had highlighted many SIOP components, the most powerful was that Mr. Drwecki intentionally planned for content concepts that were appropriate for their age and educational background level. This feature is under the component, Lesson Preparation. We as educators know that careful planning makes learning meaningful and relevant as it certainly did to each of the three groups that visited with Mr. Drwecki.

2nd grade EL 1 and 2

Students in Mrs. Metcalf's class just finished reading the story of The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. Students had to figure out why the author decided to use a wolf as the bad guy and not another animal. Students created a web of all the things they knew about a wolf and did the same for other different animals. When the students finished they thought it was pretty obvious from looking at their notes that the author chose a wolf because they are mean, sneaky, and like to eat other animals. Mrs Metcalf's use of questioning and guided scaffolds for using their graphic organizer highlights the SIOP component, Strategies.

WIDA Access

It's right around the corner. Get tips from our staff website- http://www.perryschools.org/ell/for-parents/standardized-testing/

IDOE EL Guidebook 2017-2018

It is new and improved. Check it out here: EL Guidebook 2017-2018 This is also linked on our website.

Georgina Mayorga- District SIOP Coach

Happy November! This month I am thankful for each and everyone of you and your constant support and passion to grow for our ELs. Thanks for letting me learn alongside you!