Moreau's Monthly Messenger - M3

February 2018

Moreau Hall Elementary School

Positive Attitude





A Message from Mr. H.

A little "throw back Thursday" message... Interestingly, I wrote this one year ago in the February 2017 M3 and it still holds true today. The hometown team got off to a rough start this season with the doubters and haters piling on early. When you are successful, there will always be detractors. We continue to work hard to push our students and ourselves to be the best Hawks we can be each day. I thank you for your support as parents, and for being part of our team!

"Very recently I heard Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, on the news talking about his team’s determination. He spoke about how his team was faced with a challenge at the beginning of the season when their star player was benched for debatable reasons. They could have just chalked this season up as lost and gone through the motions, or they could do what the Patriots seem to be best at and prove the doubters wrong. Now here they are on the brink of a fifth championship, as long as each player on the team does their job. They don’t ever give up, even when things get hard and the odds are stacked against them. Sometimes, in sports, we can find very valuable lessons. How can we be like the Patriots? As parents and teachers, we need to model determination for our students on a daily basis. It’s important to show our children that we won’t give in when the going gets tough. Good luck to the Patriots on Sunday! This Giants fan will be pulling for them."

Mr. H.

Hawk of the Month - Involvement

We would like to announce our Hawks of the Month for January. These students were selected because of their Involvement. We are so proud of the bucket filling attitude they possess each and every day. They know what it means to be present, enjoying each moment as it comes.They help their Moreau Hall family be the best it can be.They make a difference in their classroom and school community. They share their talents with those around them. Our January recipients include:

Mrs. Dutra - Joielynn L.

Mrs. Jolly - Cassandra P.

Ms. Monaco - Gabriella B.

Ms. Police - Michael J.

Mrs. Arnold - Anthony S.

Mrs. Clinton - Savannah G.

Mrs. Griffin - Apollonia T.

Mrs. Sparrow - Aidan C.

Mrs. Rogers - Owen J.

Mrs. Sanpietro - Kyle K.

Mrs. Widdop - Lydia G.

Ms. McInnis am - Celeste R.

Ms. McInnis pm - Mallory L.

Our Hawks and their guests will be treated to a breakfast celebration ceremony thanks to our friend Mike Asack at North Easton Savings Bank. Be on the lookout for the invitation in the mail!

Good News Call Of The Day

Our Good News Call of the Day continues! So proud of these Hawks for their hard work and focus everyday in so many areas of learning. Emma is rockin' first grade like never before, and Emily is knocking it out of the park with her focused writing! We celebrated with phone calls to moms and some selfies. Way to go HAWKS!
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Upcoming Events

Click here for the calendar on the school website

Thursday, February 1

National Read Aloud Day - Enjoy a good book with your Hawk!

Friday, February 2

Football Friday Superbowl Party Patriots Pep Rally! Woooo!

Friday, February 9

Wingmasters Assembly - Grade One - 9:30 am

Wingmasters Assembly - Grade Two - 10:30 am

Friday, February 16

Southwick Zoo Assembly - PK & K - 10:00 am

Monday, February 19 - Friday, February 23

NO SCHOOL - Winter Break

Monday, February 26

Schools reopen

Friday, March 2

Dr. Seuss Read Across America Day

Johnny the K Reading Incentive Kick-off Assembly - 9:30 am

Community Service Projects

Each grade level at Moreau Hall participates in a community service project throughout the school year. The goal is to provide an opportunity for our students to have a lasting impact on improving the community in which they live. It is also a wonderful way to model and live our core value of Involvement!

Grade 2 - Local Veterans

Our second graders will be doing "Chores for Veterans." The children can do chores at home to earn coins to fill ajar we will have in the lobby. They could shovel snow, wash dishes, sweep floors, etc. (use your imagination!)

This year's donation will go to support Mass Fallen Heroes. This foundation supports families who lost loved ones in war. They have programs to help returning veterans with finding housing, job hunting, education, and filing all the paperwork necessary to receive their benefits. They have developed programs to assist with life-long injuries, both physical and mental. Info will be coming home soon.

Grade 1 - School on Wheels of MA

Our first graders continue to support SOWMA with an ongoing school supply drive. At this time of the year, as your students school supplies need replenishing, please consider buying a few extra and donating them to SOWMA. School on Wheels of MA is a local organization supporting students impacted by homelessness. The average age of a homeless person in our state is 8 years old. This issue occurs more than you would think! We hope you can support this wonderful organization!

Kindergarten - Easton Food Pantry

February is food collection month here at Moreau Hall! All the non-perishable food items collected by our Kindergarteners are donated to our local food pantry. Our teachers, along with representatives from the food pantry, talk with our students about local families who may be in need. Anytime of year is a great time to donate! We hope you can help!

Grade 1 Family Literacy Night

Our annual Grade 1 Family Literacy Night was held on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018 from 6:00-8:00 pm. A big Hawk Holla to all the first grade families that came out to celebrate literacy. Everyone had a great time! Special thanks to our teachers for planning the evening and to our PAC for continuously supporting our programs. Our special guest Keith Munslow was a hit!

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Mr. Dennison's Music Notes

Moreau Hall music classes enjoyed the school-wide Holiday Sing in December, and we were back to work on new music this January. I led small discussions about Dr. King in first and second grade. Then we learned songs that support his messages. Second graders (song: Martin Luther King) worked in small groups to compose their own musical line about Dr. King. Then they sang their creation as part of the song. First graders (song: We Shall Overcome) were asked to imagine singing together as they waited for a Dr. King speech. In Kindergarten, we learned two folk songs made popular by Pete Seeger and students had the opportunity to hear his recording of the songs.

-Mr. Dennison

KINDER Song: Clap Hands Like Me - Concept/Activity: Skipping (‘Skip to my Lou’)

1st GRADE Song: Bought Me A Cat - Concept/Activity: High and Low sounds

2nd GRADE Song: Rocky Mountain - Concept/Activity: 4-beat rhythm lines and “Rest”

PAC News - Parent Advisory Council

Executive Board Members

Kristen Finch and Colleen Pantazelos – Co-Chairpersons

Michelle Greco – Vice Chairperson

Chrissy Sierra – Treasurer

Eve Reed – Secretary

The fourth meeting of the Parent Advisory Council will be held on

Wednesday, March 15th at 6:30 pm

in the Moreau Hall Library.

All are welcome!

More information to follow!

Mark your calendar now for PAC Meeting dates...

March 15 @ 6:30 pm (Combined meeting with Center and Parkview)

April 11 @ 7:00 pm

May 16 @ 7:00 pm

Email PAC at

Follow PAC on Facebook at

Mrs. Silverstein's Reading Corner

This month I will highlight a reading strategy that the children are being taught in their classrooms that you can use at home when you read with your child.

Chunking: A decoding strategy for breaking words into manageable parts. Word chunk strategies will enable the students to apply their learning to more and bigger words!

It goes by names such as “chunk the word”, “word chunks” or the one most often used these days because of its cute connotation “chunky monkey”. The Chunky Monkey strategy reminds the child to look for chunks of letters and sounds in words that they already know. Chunking helps the child to read words faster, because they can blend chunks of sounds together instead of having to blend each individual sound.

An example for a Kindergartener or First grade student would look like this:

The child comes to a word like “flat”, remind the child that he/she already knows what sound the “at” chunk makes, and that blending “fl-at” together quicker than stretching out each individual sound in “f-l-a-t”.

An example for a second grade student becomes beneficial when it comes to words with more than one syllable:

can-dle, far-mer, rock-et, pan-ther, chick-en

Remind your child to look for chunks when they get stuck on a word!

Any reading questions? Contact me at

Core Values

Moreau Hall students, teachers, parents, and community members take P.R.I.D.E. in being a “bucket-filling” school. In order to provide a positive child-centered learning experience for all students we will follow our five core values:

Positive Attitude, Respect, Involvement, Determination, and Excellence

Be a “bucket filler” and show your Hawk P.R.I.D.E.!

Positive Attitude

Believe in yourself and your abilities and those of your classmates

Believe that effort will improve your future

Stay motivated, even when things don’t go well

Be excited and energized about learning


Take care of yourself

Treat others as you want to be treated

Take care of your school

Embrace new ideas


Be present

Help your Moreau Hall family

Make a difference in your community

Share your talents


Show enthusiasm and actively participate

Finish what you start

Stay committed to your goals

Keep working hard even when you feel like quitting


Kindness matters

Strive to be your personal best

Listen to understand

Show gratitude for all you have

Created with student input by the Moreau Hall School Council - January 2015

Core Values Lesson on Involvement

Thanks to Mrs. Silverstein and Mrs. Moroso for getting our Hawks engaged about being present in our school community. They shared a wonderful book, What Does It Mean To Be Present? and discussed ways our students can help make a difference in their classroom and school community.
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Moreau Hall Mission Statement

The mission of Moreau Hall Elementary School is to provide a positive, child-centered learning experience for all students.