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February 2014

Plainfield / Avon Reading Challenge

The 8th Annual Plainfield / Avon Reading Challenge will be held February 17th through March 7th. All students and staff are encouraged to participate. Last year Plainfield took the 7th Annual Plainfield / Avon Reading Challenge Champions title. Mr. Woodard, biology teacher and football coach, graciously volunteered to be hit by pies. This year, Mr. Siefert, Plainfield High School Principal, has agreed to take the pies, only if we win.

Reading Challenge Rules:

1. Read a book, magazine, or newspaper - one that isn't for a class assignment.

2. Talk with any staff member about what you read. Bring the book or article with you.

3. The staff member will report the number of pages that you read and it will be added to the school total.

*Non-fiction will be counted as double the pages.

Please return all reading challenge forms to the media center or Lael DuBois's mailbox.

Staff will be receiving all reading challenge materials the week of February 10th.

Digital Learning Day will be held on February 5, 2014 in conjunction with state events and the national event hosted by the Alliance for Excellent Education at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. This powerful grassroots campaign promotes the effective use of technology to improve outcomes and achieve higher college- and career-ready standards for all students in K–12 public schools.

Digital Learning Day promotes the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to learn in a robust digital environment every day with the goal of success in college and a career. Common-sense and effective applications of digital learning should be fully integrated into all of America’s schools, libraries, coffee shops, and homes to promote life-long learning and good citizenship.

It takes less than five minutes to add your voice.

I ask that you add your voice and consider planning classroom-based activities for your students and parents to get involved. Activities and events can be as simple or complicated as you like. Feel free to use Digital Learning Day’s interactive lessons (more coming soon), host a technology fair to showcase student work, check out the teacher toolkits for ideas, or simply try something new that better integrates technology into good instructional practice. Regardless of your level of comfort with instructional technology, Digital Learning Day has something for everyone.

In addition to the national event and its related activities, all fifty states and DC are making similar plans. This is a great opportunity to use the momentum from these national and state-awareness campaigns to highlight your district- and school-level digital learning efforts to media, community leaders, parents, and local policymakers.

Most importantly, we urge you to

Thank you for supporting digital learning!

*Taken from the Digital Learning Day website -

Read Across America Day - March 3, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014 is the 17th Annual Read Across America Day. This celebration will kick off a week of reading across the nation. This is a time for students, teachers, parents, grandparents and community members to share their love of reading.

Testing and Education Reference Center - INSPIRE

Did you know that you and your students have access to the online Testing and Education Reference Center? It can be accessed by going to the Media Center page: Then choose Plainfield High School. Next click on the Testing and Education Reference Center under Online Career / College Information.

In it, you and your students have access to a large variety of AP practice questions and tests, SAT and ACT prep, even GRE and GMAT practice. It's an easy resource to use to practice for high-stakes testing that our students take. Please feel free to share it with your students!

My Homework App

Have you had your students try the My Homework App yet? It works across a variety of platforms and can be tailored to your class needs. Find out more at

Teachers sign up and create classes at

PIXLR - Online Photo Editor


Pixlr is an easy tool to use that is like PhotoShop but you access it online. In my opinion, it is much easier to use than PhotoShop too. Check out Pixlr.

Free, Easy Activities - Newspapers in Education

Check out for weekly activities on using the newspaper in your classrooms as a source for non-fiction reading. Click on Use the News for some great activities.

All staff and students have access to the e-edition of the Indianapolis Star each day. Access the online Indianapolis Star at: Then click on the Indianapolis Star Newspaper under Online Information / Resources.

username & password: dubo081407

myON - FREE digital books

The myON is partnering up with Digital Learning Day. Access FREE ebooks through the following link:

To access myON books, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1 - Click here For easy access - bookmark this page. (Please note: You can also login at There you will need to add a School Name: 2014 Digital Learning Day MN District)
  • Step 2 - Enter the following information:
    Username: books (case sensitive)
    Password: books (case sensitive)
  • Step 3- Click on submit, select a book and start reading!

Crash Course by John and Hank Green

Crash Course is a phenomenal educational resource that truly highlights how educational material can organically emerge online. Started by John Green, New York Times Bestselling Author of books like The Fault in Our Stars and Looking For Alaska, and his brother Hank Green, an entrepreneurial musician and ‘vlogger,’ Crash Course is a YouTube channel with tons of instructional videos on subjects as varied as biology, world history, US history, chemistry, English literature, and ecology.

John and Hank Green have a knack for explaining complex ideas in simple, comprehensible terms. With over 1 million subscribers and over 45 million views across the channel, Crash Course has developed an avid following largely because of John and Hank’s lively approach to subject material, which keeps viewers interested and engaged. If you want to understand why Crash Course has developed such a huge following online, you need look no further than the videos themselves; here are a few of our favorites:

*Taken from the Digital Learning Day website -

Top 10 Checkouts for January 2014

January Media Center Statistics

  • 109 classes attended out of 105 class periods = 100% scheduled (multiple classes per period)
  • 804 students from study hall and sent from classes
  • 2936 students in scheduled classes
  • 3740 total students for January
  • Estimated: 249 students per day
  • Estimated: 36 students per class period
  • 480 student book/material checkouts (80 teacher book/material checkouts)

Fall Semester 2013 Media Center Statistics

  • 590 classes attended out of 623 class periods = 95% scheduled (multiple classes per period)
  • 6,929 students from study hall and sent from classes
  • 15,687 students in scheduled classes
  • 22,616 total students for Fall Semester 2013
  • Estimated: 254 students per day
  • Estimated: 36 students per class period
  • 3972 student book/material checkouts (241 teacher book/material checkouts)

Lael DuBois

Lael DuBois is a certified School Librarian / Library Media Specialist (grades K-12) who has been the Plainfield High School media specialist / school librarian for 7 years. Prior to that, she was the school librarian at Pike High School and Pike Freshman Center.