By: Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth is a famous american writer known for her trilogy divergent. She was born in and raised in Burlington, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. She was born on 8/19/88. She attended Northwestern University in Chicago. Roth is married to her husband for two years now, to a man named Nelson Finch. She wrote her first book when she was in college supposedly working on her homework. Veronica is now working on her third book to the divergent trilogy, Allegiant.
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There society is broken up in to five fractions, Abnegation " The Selfless", Candor "The Honest", Emity "The Peaceful", Erudite "The Intelligent", and lastly Dauntless " The Brave". All of these factions live in harmony, working together in there world. The dauntless protect them from any threats. The main character in this story is faced with a life changing decision, Family or yourself. If you choose to leave your fraction you are to never see your family again. Deep down in this society there is a storm brewing, some people want change, and others are ready to seek it. They are willing todo anything, from death to destruction.

Main Characters

Beatrice Prior (Tris)- The main character of this exhilarating trilogy, is born a abnegation but seeks better for herself. She is strong willed, and loving towards her family. Her family is all abnegation but that could soon change, as she and her brother are brought to Choosing day.

The other main characters in this fast pace novel, is Christina, Will, and Four. All of them were transfers from different factions. They are all on the same adventure together, they all choose the same faction. A faction that will test there strength and will.

People who would like Divergent

There is a broad range of people who would be interested in this book. As i see it ranges from 14-21 years of age, and both girls, and boys would love this book. It has action in with young teens like and romance in which girls sometimes like. This book is a perfect mixture of masculine and feminine plot.

Short Passage

"Our dependents are now sixteen. They stand on the precipice of adulthood, now it will be up to them to decide what kind of people they will be." Marcus's voice is solemn."...i hear my named called and a shudder propels me forward. Halfway to the bowls , i am am sure ill choose Abnegation. I can see it now."

I choose this passage because it shows the lead up to the story. Without this part you miss alot about her character, how she cares for her family and has many sides to her. Not only that, it shows her mind is not yet made up about the faction she wants. This decision will impact her character, and the whole book. It could be the decision between her life, or her death.

Good or Bad

I loved this book because it was full of surprises, it always kept me alert. Never did i want to put the book down when i was reading it. The whole plot was terrific, from the opening scenes from the Choosing, all the way to end. I really suggest everyone to read this book who is into action, adventure, romance, and futuristic ideas.

By: Cole Jordan