Shakespeare is still with us

400th anniversary shakespeare's death

William Shakespeare died 400 years ago, but he is still with us. People still go to the cinema, to the theatre to see his works. People still read Shakespeare's works. There are some musicals that rapresent Shakespeare's works. He is the most famous poet of the English literature, he marked the following centuries, too.

William Shakespeare was the greatest playwriter of the Elizabethan period. He was born on 23 April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon. He married Anne Hathaway and they had three children: Susannah and two twins, Hamnet and Judith. Shakespeare had put almost all of his hopes and dreams in Hamnet, but he died at the age of 11. After Hamnet died, the relationship he had with his children got bad. He died on 23 April 1616 in Stratford-upon-Avon.

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During his permanence in London, Shakespeare wrote many tragedies and comedies. The most important tragedy is "Romeo and Juliet" (1594-1596). Others are "Hamlet" (1600-1602) and "Macbeth" (it is the shortest tragedy).

The first one is the story of two lovebirds: Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, but the Montague family hated the Capulet family, so they married in secret. Juliet's father wanted her to marry another man. She was terribly unhappy and drank a sleeping potion. When Romeo saw her, he drank some poison and died. When Juliet woke up and found Romeo dead, she killed herself.

Shakespeare wrote some comedies, too. The most famous one is "A midsummer night's dream"(1595). It is one of the Shakespeare's shortest works. Another comedy is "The merchant of Venice" (1598).