Cell Phones

By: Nicole I, Sydney A

What are Cell Phones made of?

Most cell phones are made of many different material but the main materials that are used are metal, plastic, ceramics and trace.
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Where? And By Who?

Who invented the cell phone?

Martin Cooper invented the very first cell phone. He was an executive for Motorola. Him and his team created a cell phone that was 9 inches long and weighed 2.5 pounds.

Where was it invented?

It was invented in New York City.

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How does a cell phone work?

A cell phone is a mobile/ wireless device. It allows you to make phone calls, and send text messages from anywhere.

How do Cell Phones have an impact on society?

Well almost everyone owns a cell phone. They have changed the way we communicate with family and friends, and has also made our lives easier. It's had a huge impact on education, and how we socialize with one another.

How have cell phones impacted the way people use their resources?

Cell phones are very useful pieces of technology that have given people many opportunities and resources. People have access to any internet website, books, articles, and so much more. This has proved intelligence and has been very impactive considering humans don't have to use multiple items or go to certain places in order to get information. A lot of what they need is stored in a device that is about the size of the average hand.

How have cell phones impacted the way people interact with others?

The invention of the cell phone has opened up a whole new world of communication. From the typical cell phone, a person can call others, send text messages, email, use directions, and use social media apps that also include communicating with others. However, cell phones have not always had all of these features.

How have cell phones impacted where people are able to live?

Cell phones don't usually have a huge affect on where people live. But, there could be something that they see on a phone that persuades them on where to live. There are realtor apps that help in the actual process of moving.

Since cell phones are so popular, there are tons of available jobs in the industry. More job open up more places to live in order to be close to a person's job.

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