Technology at Lineville

Bryce Mallett

Typing Web

1. In Typing Web you learn how to type at different speeds and different sizes of text.

2. I like how you get to learn typing while getting faster.

3. There is beginner course, intermediate course, and advanced course so anyone can type.


1. In iTrailer you make a trailer with a bunch of pictures and music.

2. You can do any topic and pick a format/design.

3. I like how you can explain something in pictures.

Career Locker

1. In Career Locker you can learn about jobs that fit you by taking tests.

2. I like how you get to search colleges and research about them.

3. It allows you to save so later in life you can look back and see what was some good things that fit you.

Haiku Deck

1. In Haiku Deck you get to make a presentation.

2. I like how you can search pictures using key words on the website/app.

3. I also like how you can pick different formats/styles to fit your presentation.

Explain Everything

1. In Explain Everything you can draw and attach a voice on to it.

2. I like how the voice continues through two or more slides.

3. I also like how you can use several slides like a presentation.

Hour of Code

1. In Hour of Code you get to play games that teach you computer programming.

2. There are games like Angry Birds and Flappy Bird.

3. I liked how you learn computer programming while having fun playing a game.

Email Etiquette

1. In Email Etiquette you learn how to send an email properly.

2. I like how it teaches us to send emails when we will need to in the future.

3. I also like how you get to send an email to the teacher to practice.