Week of January 18, 2021

Norcross Bands Newsletter

This Week's Newsletter Includes:

  • Mark Your Calendar
  • Message from the Directors
  • This week's "Meet the Class of 2021"
  • Calling all Seniors! (Repeat)
  • Band Room Donations (Repeat)
  • SCRIP Gift Card Fundraiser (Repeat)

Mark Your Calendar

Monday, January 18 - MLK Day - No School

Tuesday, January 19 - WS Rehearsal 4:30-6:30PM

Tuesday, January 19 - Winter guard rehearsal 5:45-8:30PM

Wednesday, January 20 - WS Recording Session in Concert Attire 4:00-7:00PM

Thursday, January 21 - Winter guard rehearsal 5:45-8:30PM

Announcements and News

Message from the Directors

We are excited for the GMEA In-Service Performances. Our students have worked incredibly hard in the most unique of times. For next week's rehearsals, we will use the same protocol and screening process that we used during the marching band season. In order to not jeopardize all of the hard work, please make sure your students are responsible in the coming days. Please practice established health guidelines: no large gatherings, social distance, wash your hands, and wear a face mask. Please be on the lookout for links to these performances this upcoming week.

As we go into digital learning this week, all students will be expected to log in and rehearse as normal via zoom. Each band has music to be practiced, and we will be working though notes and rhythms in our music as well as scales and techniques, so please expect to hear beautiful sounds from your students!

Meet the Class of 2021

Hayden Mai

What instrument do you play?
  • Percussion

What activities have you been a part of during your time at NHS?

  • Art Club, Tennis, Swim, Percussion Ensemble, Marching Band, and Concert Band

What is your favorite memory from band?

  • When the percussion section was left unsupervised for a quick break, and in that time Gary, figured out how to play “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish on the synth cart. Everyone had gathered around and was having so much fun with it. Later, whenever we got the chance, people would play different pieces of music during breaks and it was always so nice to listen to.

What advice do you have for your peers and future NHS band members?

  • I didn’t want to be that person who says “practice makes perfect” but when you know the music it makes the class more fun and the people more enjoyable. It’s okay if you don’t spend 2 hours every day working over every piece but if you spend a few minutes learning the notes and rhythms, or going through that tough run before you get to rehearsals, it really does make a difference.

What are your plans after high school?

  • I plan to go straight to college. I am currently trying to talk to people in fields I'm currently interested in, like Cyber Security, Psychology, AI, and more, so I can speed through all of the core classes in college and major what I want to major in, and as early as I can.

Victoria Bonacci

What instrument do you play?
  • French Horn

What activities have you been a part of during your time at NHS?

  • Marching band, Swim team captain and 4 year varsity, President of Science National Honor Society

What is your favorite memory from band?

  • Our very first performance as a freshman mellophone player because that is when I fell in love with performing and marching.

What advice do you have for your peers and future NHS band members?

  • Surround yourself with people who encourage you.

What are your plans after high school?

  • Committed to the University of Georgia and will be attending in the fall.

Repeat Information

Calling all Seniors!

Throughout the spring, we will be featuring individuals from the class of 2021. Share with us a picture and answer a few questions here: https://forms.gle/9zNMrzQYuoAqSttw8 so we can include you!

Band Room Donations

With the current safety precautions and cleaning procedures that we have implemented this year, the Band Room has drained its supply of PPE and cleaning supplies. Please help us replenish our supplies so that we can continue keeping everyone safe and healthy!

We are in need of:

  • Disposable Masks
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Disinfectant Spray
  • Paper Towels
  • Tissues

SCRIP Gift Card Fundraiser

You can still add money to your student's account via SCRIP gift cards! If you have a ShopWithScrip account, you can order plastic and e-cards at any time. Plastic gift cards will be ordered once a month, and you'll get an email when your order is in.

Publix and Ingles Gift cards: email nhsbandscrip@gmail.com. We will let you know the next band rehearsal we will be at for payment and pickup.

Specials: We have these cards for immediate payment and pickup:

  • Home Depot - 7% cash to your account
  • Best Buy - 5%
  • Chipotle - 13%
  • Domino's - 12%

Email nhsbandscrip@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these specials!

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