All about laritza

All about me

All about me

¹.My favorite color is Red

2.I love to go shopping

3.i love to sleep

4.I hate people that put your business out !

5.I like going to party's

6.I like to talk .

7.I'm cool to talk to

8.I love my boyfriend

9.My favorite show is The Fosters

10.I love food

Most Funniest or embarrassing moment

The most embarrassing time was when I was 5 and I got my moms makeup & started putting it on my face , It was a mess . Then somehow my hair got stuck to the doorknob of my moms room & I was yelling & she came up & took a picture of me & till this day she still has it .

Questions I get asked a lot

1.Where you from?

2.How tall are you?


Kik . Laritza_bitvh23

Instagram . Laritza_bitvh

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