Technology Class

Learning Education


iMovie is an app that is the whole part of your iTrailer. You show videos to tell the story.

  • Choose your best videos (short and sweet)
  • Put sound effects in
  • Present with power


    iTrailer is an app where you show your preview for your iMovie. It's like a little clip.

    • Select photos or short videos
    • This is a preview for your video
    • Shows little images at a time

      Haiku Deck

      Haiku Deck is an app where you present with outstanding backgrounds. This app gives you little space so you have to have sentences that are short and sweet.

      • Showed our dream job
      • Presented in slides
      • Images are in the background

        Explain Everything

        Explain Everything is an app where you literally explain everything. You can decide if you want to write or type.

        • Choose to write or type
        • Have multiple slides
        • Record your voice when explaining

          Go Animate

          Go Animate is an app where you make your own clips and own people talking.

          • Give speech bubbles to people
          • Make your own 30 second play
          • Have characters with strange personalities