October 19, 2015 :: 11 Items (with 3 videos)

Mission & Vision

We have our new mission and vision! After looking through the comments you all supplied from our work day there was one item that multiple folks commented on. That was the need for Lead, Connect, Excel, and Serve to be capitalized in some way. Thank you to the Leadership team for the work in creating the basis and to everyone for helping to craft the final result. The next thing will be to start rolling it out to the students and the community!


We will inspire leaders, develop connections, and empower all to excel in order to reach our full potential as innovative, lifelong learners and compassionate, contributing citizens.


Level Creek will be a world class school where we Lead, Connect, Excel, and Serve.

GTES Proficient/Exemplary Look Fors

Don't forget, the A-team is using the GTES Best Practices Doc for our observations in GTES. We looked at this during preplanning. It is in Google if you want to look again. The link is below.

GTES Best Practices Document
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Goals of Collaborative Planning

As you meet on Tuesdays:

1. Collaboratively plan lessons

2. Use data/student work to plan

3. Deconstruct the standards

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Gradual Release

Good enough to watch again. If you haven't watched the video below take a moment and do so. It is worth your time.

What is the Gradual Release Model?

  1. I DO- where the teacher models the lesson objective in a focus lesson
  2. WE DO- guided instruction with both input from the teacher and the students
  3. YOU DO TOGETHER: Collaborative learning in small groups or partners
  4. YOU DO ALONE- independent practice.

The video below will show you exactly what it looks like in a classroom.

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Problem Solving

Lisa Vogel teaching fact families through the use of exemplars rather than via simple problems (a lot of first grade teachers were doing this #collaborative planning)!
Problem Solving in Math

eCLASS Expectations 15-16

  1. If you have a website (Weebly etc.) the link needs to be in eCLASS (the school's site will eventually not have website links to teacher (weebly, etc.) websites.
  2. Use eCLASS to assign classwork or homework at least once per week starting in October. This can be an assignment you would assign regularly - not "extra" homework.
  3. Use discussion boards at least 1x for Language Arts and 1x for Math each Semester
  4. Newsletters - by October newsletters need to be linked in eCLASS

eCLASS Teacher Stars for the past week.

Below are the teachers who are really utilizing eCLASS! All data is week-by-week. The larger the circle, the more times they have gone into their C&I page. The greener the circle, the more time they have spent within C&I. If you want to see each week check the link below.

eCLASS Usage Stars
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Bragging On...

Tracy Patience

I just wanted to give a huge SHOUT OUT to Tracy Patience. No matter the task--eCLASS, grade books, DAs, lessons, etc...she is ALWAYS willing to help with anything we need (and she never makes me feel dumb for not understanding technology!).

-Megan Bell

Pawsitive Referrals

Let's continue to make it a PAWS-itively PURR-fect school year!!

During the 1st Nine Weeks of school, we celebrated 56 PAWS-itive Referrals!!

Let's continue to recognize students who are following our LCES expectations and being student leaders throughout the school!!

A copy of the PAWS-itive Referral is attached. The document can also be found on our Google Drive. Simply search for PAWS-itive Referral.

Pawsitive Referral

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I Can / EQ for students

Everyone likes to know expectations. I am going to begin talking to students on Monday about things they might be asked when visitors come in the room. They will hear questions like:

  1. What are you learning?
    All they have to do is reference their I Can statement or EQ. I am going to suggest this to them on the announcements.
  2. Ok, so how do you show or explain _____________?
    They can give examples, show a problem, explain the steps, etc.

Hopefully, this will help you help kids focus on the intent of the learning. Let Helen, Cindy, and I know how it is working.

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Hero Day - Friday, Oct. 30th

For more than a century, United Way of Metro Atlanta has helped those in need. Your donation stays in Gwinnett County and helps to ensure that:

  • babies are born healthy
  • children enter school ready to learn and graduate prepared for careers
  • young people avoid risky behaviors
  • families are self-sufficient
  • people have access to health care
  • homeless people are housed within one year

On Friday, October 30th, students have the opportunity to be a HERO and help United Way. For a donation of $5.00 or more, students may come to school dressed up as their favorite hero.

*Please note that this is not a Halloween Celebration and students should not come dressed up as monsters, etc. Talk to your students about the qualities of a real hero. Your child may also donate and be a hero without dressing up since the act of giving is truly heroic. Donations will be collected in the classroom.

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