Basehor-Linwood TECH NEWS

April 2015

Kodable in the Second Grade Classroom

Thank you to the Second Grade teachers for inviting us to share Kodable with your students. Check out the second graders at BES who are learning to use Kodable in the classroom. Teachers can set-up classroom logins and monitor where students are in the process. You are able to see all of the Common Core Standards students will learn through coding as well. Kandy has created a coding certificate for the students who have completed the coding with her and will distribute to the students this Friday! Check out the resources for integrating coding in the classroom.

Setting-Up Class -

Kodable Lesson Plans -

CCSS Alignment -

Support and Help

Remember to put in tickets to the Help Desk so that our department can understand all of the issues throughout the district. It allows us to monitor outages of internet, issues with Active Directory and items we may need to order like projector bulbs, projectors, or other items. Thank you so much for your help! Please check out the FAQ Section as we are adding helpful tips for troubleshooting in this location.
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PIT Stop

We will be at BLHS on Tuesday, April 21 from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. for Technology Support. Stop by and ask a question, get help with integration in the classroom or just share what you are doing in the classroom. If you cannot stop by and have questions, let us know, and we can create a hangout for you to join and chat with us.


Newslea is a great resource for reading nonfiction text. Search for articles on political issues, science, money, kids, law and health. These are current events that are written for students. Check out this resource for your classroom.
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