McAllister Minutes

Week of: October 15 - October 19

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McAllister Minutes

Just when you think that Richmond Hill, GA is in the clear - Hurricane Michael creates chaos and we experience our 1st school closing of the year, fingers crossed it will be the last! With unexpected weather, brings unexpected conditions and many times unexpected reactions from the little ones we work with on a daily basis! I thought that our little guys/gals handled it very well and did not seem to miss a beat when they were back in school today. In fact, "The Science Machine" commented on how well our students behaved by saying, "This is one of the most well behaved group of students I have ever presented for!" Keep in mind he has done thousands of presentations all over the country and the world! This speaks to the expectations you have set with your students! Great Job!

This Spring, the district will undergo re-accrediation through AdvancED. While this will not impact you as an educator from day to day - there will be some surveys/inventories that we will review on Monday during our time together. Upon completion of our meeting, I will send an email out to you containing the link - your feedback is imperative as we work through this process together to creating the best learning experience for ALL learners.

  • October is Parent/Teacher conference month, be sure to begin scheduling those conferences - feel free to use time before school, during planning or after school. Our goal is to give all parents the opportunity to meet/connect. (If you share a room with ASP, please make sure to schedule conferences in an alternate location after school - front office conference room, media center and PL room are all available spaces.)
  • If students arrive to your class without a tardy pass please do not send them to the front office to get one as they are not tardy. Students that come in the front office after the 7:40 bell will be given the appropriate passes. If this becomes an issue with specific students please contact grade level administration so we can address appropriately.
  • Be sure that grades are consistently updated in PS, grades are feedback to both our students/teachers.

Below I have listed a few updates and reminders to activities planned for the week ahead:

  • Monday, October 15 - Open Enrollment, United Way & AdvancED - This meeting will be in place of our meeting on 10/16.
  • Friday, October 19 - 50th Day of School - This is typically a K event, but ALL are welcome to relive the 50's by rocking your poodle skirts and such!
  • Friday, November 16 - "Heroes Overcome" - This presentation will directly tie in with our 7 Mindsets and be a memorable reminder. My hope is that you all will enjoy this experience!

***Traveling on a field trip soon? We recently purchased an ice machine for your convenience - it is located in the gymnasium - Coach Moon and Anderson can point you in the right direction if you need a hand.***

With an intentional focus of consistency on being curious & crazy for kids you will ALWAYS find a culture that is student focused!

Have a great week!

Have a WONDERful Week!

Lesson Plans & Gradebooks

Lesson Plans

Each week, the administrative team holds a weekly PLC. As the instructional leaders of the school, our PLC will always have an instructional focus. As you know, we have made a commitment this year to improve lesson planning and meeting the needs of ALL levels of learners through appropriate instructional strategies, planning and assessment. With this comes a commitment to review lesson plans and provide feedback. Moving forward, we will choose a grade level, resource area, or specials area each week to review and communicate this at least one week in advance. This coming week (10/15), 5th Grade lesson plans will be reviewed by the full administrative team, including our ILT; the following week (10/22), we will review 3rd Grade lesson plans. Lesson plans are submitted to the teacher specific Google folder. Nothing is hidden, nothing is secret. Clearly, this isn’t a “gotcha” since you are being told which plans are being reviewed. But, much like anything, if you aren’t regularly practicing the skill, that will become evident when it is intensely reviewed. The expectation is that every content/course is preparing, submitting, and using lesson plans weekly. Some of you write unit plans - GREAT! These still should be reviewed and put into a weekly plan. Much like a monthly budget, if you prepare it and look at it just once in a month, you will never be (financially) on the best track.


Gradebooks, first and foremost, are a form of communication. Communication is an area in which we should always strive for improvement. And, some of you are really needing to improve your use of PowerSchool gradebook as an effective form of communication. Every teacher should be in his/her gradebook EVERY week at least once, making sure grades that are recorded are up-to-date. If you stop and think about the gradebook being a form of communication, it makes sense that it could be considered as a tool to improve student achievement and progress. As the principal, and as the instructional leader here, I have a strong expectation that all gradebooks accurately and effectively communicate a student's progress.

Lesson Plans and Gradebooks – “The Connection”

You plan your instruction, and you plan your assessments. Assessment results are then recorded in the gradebook in PowerSchool. If your gradebook isn’t being updated regularly/properly, it is probably because you aren’t planning regularly/properly. If the PS gradebook is going to be an effective form of communication, then you must use it efficiently and effectively. This includes reporting grades in a timely manner. How, exactly, are stakeholders to use the grades (communication) to positively impact the student achievement? Right? How are stakeholders going to help us support the work in classrooms and our school if student achievement is either not being reported or being reported late? So, I am adding gradebook reviews to our weekly lesson plan reviews - when we review your lesson plans we will also review your gradebooks.

If there is something more about our expectations regarding lesson planning and grading that you believe should be better communicated by me, please let me know.

If you need help with lesson planning, your gradebook, or communication, ask me, please. Or, maybe you just want to talk about some point in this information- that is fine, too. If I am not a good go-to for you, how about your grade chair, ILT or supervising AP? Let's work together to make sure the foundational elements of our instruction are solid.

We do so much very well, and for that I am always thankful. I can truthfully say that there is not a day that I am not thankful that I am at MES with such talented educators. Thank you, all, for your commitment to excellence and success. And, for your commitment to being better.

Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival - October 19 - October 21

Do you have an interest in volunteering for the Ogeechee Seafood Festival? What a great opportunity to support the local community and have the opportunity to see many of your students/parents at the same time. If you have an interest in volunteering please let me know and I will be sure to get you plugged in.

Happy Birthday to You!

10/18- Michelle Derr

10/23 - Laura Teague

10/31 - Sharon Roberts

Making Moves at McAllister

Use this form to acknowledge the good hard work your peers around you are doing - these will be posted weekly as a form of encouragement/acknowledgement. Because after all - You ALL deserve it!

  • From Ms. Janousek To Ms. Stuckey: To the one person who can always turn a negative into a positive. You are an incredible teacher, a trusting friend, and an inspiring role model. Thank you for all that you have taught me & for reminding us all to stay positive. In the words of Mrs. Jones: #choosejoy
  • From Ms. Coffman to Mrs. Hursey: I appreciate all that Mrs. Hursey does for us! Coming back from maternity leave I had some of my technology subscriptions that were expired or they needed to be renewed. Mrs. Hursey was on her "A Game" and had already emailed the new codes needed to fix all of these issues. It is so nice to have someone who is ahead of the game and helping to set you up for success! Thank you so much for all you do!
  • From Ms. Habecker to Ms. Fesperman: I am so thankful to have Mrs. Fesperman as my teammate! She is always smiling, eager to lend a helping hand, and I am lucky to be able to call her a friend! She has rocked even the most trying weeks with a positive outlook!
  • From Ms. Janousek to Ms. Rowland: Rebecca has shown complete RESILIENCY these past 2 months! She has stayed cool, calm, and collected as she powered through her first IEP meetings, Progress Reports, and....FTE! So proud of her ability to efficiently manage her caseload (and all the paperwork that goes along with it) while staying positive. To answer your question from earlier, yes YOU ARE THRIVING!
  • From Ms. Janousek to the Mystery Person: Quick shout out to the mystery person who put new batteries in my clock. It has been reading the wrong time since the beginning of school, and the kids really appreciated your go-getter attitude. Thanks for doing the simplest thing that I have been putting off for two months haha! #yourockaroundtheclock
  • From Ms. Pickett to Ms. Welsh, Ms, Hursey & Ms. Shultz: Big shout out and THANK YOU to Ms. Welsh, Mrs. Hursey, and Ms. Shultz for the AMAZING weather unit review they planned and set up for our first graders in the media center! It was awesome to see the students engaged in technology and active learning in such creative ways! They had a blast! Way to go ladies!!

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7 Mindsets

Weekly updates will be posted in this section. I look forward to the impact that 7 mindsets is going to have on our school community! If you are ever planning to be out on a Mindset Monday or just need a hand in delivering a lesson - the administrators and counselors are more than happy to help.

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McAllister Staff Guide

In a school of over 135 it can be hard to know everyone's name...Have you had a chance to look at the staff directory where pictures of our staff members can be located?

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