HRRS Staff Notes

March 31, 2014

The Week Ahead

It's still March, so we can relax. Things don't start hopping until April! I hope you enjoyed the movie (official trailer below) on Friday. It was great to have some reflection time (during the movie) and thought-provoking questions (after). In the movie, the Camino served as a metaphor for our life's journey.


  1. A teacher needs to tabulate the lunch count at "point of sale." We need to do a better job of accounting for lunches and milks.
  2. Cooperative honorees are due to Marthie this week. In April, we will celebrate prudence.
  3. Can we begin recycling in the lunchroom?
  4. We've schedule a program review for the JDA program on May 9th.
  5. Waiting list for Kinder; close in pre-K

Tuesday: Amparo is prayer leader; topics above

Wed: Natalie gone for 3 days;

Thurs: All-School Mass sponsored by Kinder; B Team EME's; invoices and parent service hours sent home

Fri: No Father Maurer visit confirmed; 5th & 6th helping with stations at noon

Official Trailer for Walking the Camino