Adeil'e penguins

by saira

What are Adeil'e penguins?

Adelie penguins are the smallest penguins in the Antarctic penguins. It weighs about 8 or 9 pounds, there diet is mainly fish they build their nests with stones they are called ' rookeries'. Adelie penguins are very social they tend to get along with others most of the time. Adelie penguins have very powerful feet that helps them to get around on the cold ice. They can also leap out of the water to land without slipping or sliding. They also have an amazing grip which allows them to survive in this cold part of the world. It is believed that 5 million Adelie penguins lived in Ross sea area.


Adelie penguins have a diet of Krill, Squid and silverfish and mainly fish.

They have a really healthy diet, and can swim many kilometre's to get there food to feed.

Life cycle

The female mates with a male and lays 2 eggs. Both parents take turns in taking care of the baby's. Once the penguin is 4 they are then now adults and can now look after themselves they will go to the same nesting ground were they were born. And the progress will keep going.


Antarctica is were you can find the Adelie penguin they can survive Antarctica's extreme cold weathers because of there warm feathers and blabber. Antarctica is the perfect place for Adelie penguins as they have adapted very well with the environment.