The Mascot

By: Mark Kurzem

A True story told by the son of "The Mascot"

Taking place during world war 2

Alex as a Boy 4-5:30

Secrets Of A Nazi Mascot


When Alex was young he watched his parents be brutally beaten, and then lived in the forest for days until an SS officer found him and took him in. Alex was turned into propaganda, "Youngest Nazi Soldier' and growing he didn't know any better, he kept quite and to himself, he stayed hidden as a Nazi enforcer and stayed that way until the end of the war when he moved to the Americas, he lives in the U.S.A, where he raised a family. He told his son all of these stories and memories, and he wrote this book to tell everyone else this amazing story.

Where and Why

Alex's conflict was internal because he had to be someone he really wasn't.

This took place in many parts of Germany and concentration camps like Auschwitz.

Alex starts out at his family hut, then he hides in the woods after watching his parents being murdered, the SS officer finds him weeks later and is taken captive as their mascot. As the story progresses Alex becomes a well known Nazi that is at Auschwitz, when the war is about over Alex moved to the United states and raises a family. The story talks about how Alex survived the holocaust as a Nazi.

Preview: The Mascot


Alex grew up as a Jew and was recruited to be a Nazi. Alex has to push through being a Nazi to live, he has to be able to hide his feelings and hide his beliefs so he can live past the war.