Meip Gies

By: Amber Hoover


Meip is a young 20 year old Dutch woman who worked for Mr. Frank before he had to go into hiding. Meip is very caring and felt that she was only doing what was right when Anne would call her a hero. Meip loved the Frank family and helped them survive while they hid in the secret annex above the workers that had a job in that building. Meip however couldn't do it alone and had the help of her co worker Mr. Kraler. Together hey helped bring the Franks and Van Dans food and other supplies while they tried so hard to be quit and undetected. Meip helped these families for 2 years before the green police took them. When the time came for the war to be over Meip helped Mr. Frank grieve for his family and friends.

Symbol One

The symbol of a peace sign represents Meip's desire for peace and for the war to be over. She felt that nobody deserved to be judged based upon the religion or how they looked or how they were born if the had any other difficulties. The peace represents peace between the world and humans,Jews and Germans,and any others who have problems with each other. She hates war and so when she helps the Franks and Van Dans she is showing that she wants peace. Meip is a warm caring person and is peaceful the war was absolutely horrible for her that is why I choose the peace sign to symbolize Meip.
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Symbol Two

The symbol of a heart represents Meip as well because she is a very caring young lady. She wants to see the best in people and always looks for people to be their best. She cares for more than her family or friends she cares for everyone if you need help Meip was their to help you. She never asked questions or judged you she just did as you needed and was glad to help. She loves people and doesn't base them on looks or anything else that makes them different than somebody else she appreciates the differences. An example of is is when she took and hid the Frank and Van Dan family and then let Mr. Düssel join them even though they were Jew and she was supposed to be turning them in.

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Theme One

The theme never give up on something that is important to you fits this play because through out this whole play Anne kept writing in her journal and kept saying that when she gets to leave the annex and go outside she will get her story published. Also when Anne would think about seeing her friends again and getting ice cream with them like they use to do before Anne went into hiding. Anne never for one minute thought she wasn't going to make it out of the war alive. She is strong and she believed that nothing would stop her from achieving her dream of being a writer and author. Anne never gave up and that is a key thing when going through something like what she went through.

Theme Two

The theme family and friends can get you through anything is a good theme for this play because in this play whenever someone starts to lose hope that they will make it out alive someone else in the annex is cheering them up. Making them believe that they will survive this horrible war. An example of this is when the robber breaks into the factory and everyone stars to panic Mr. Frank says" Have we lost all faith? All courage? A moment ago we thought that they'd come for us. We were sure it was the end. We are still alive, safe" (409). Mr. Frank was able to calm their fears and make sure they didn't cause a panic that would definitely get them caught. Also when they took in Mr. Düssel Mr. Van Dan was getting worried that if hey took in another person they were sure to be caught but Mr. Frank calmed him down and allowed Mr. Düssel to stay.