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From your CSA

Greetings LAC! I hope this edition of the LAC Lookout finds you well and that you're students are enjoying the school year! As we continue to move forward, I encourage you to bookmark to obtain the latest information. I hope to see all of you at Back-To-School Night on September 23. Growing. Learning. Onward!

New Dismissal Procedures

If you have picked up your child recently, you are aware of our new dismissal procedures. At the end of the day, a first bell rings for the 'Shuttle & Table' buses. Shortly after, a second bell rings for 'Guth & Bradway' buses. This also dismisses those riding the late bus, going to Latchkey, and those who are getting picked up. It has reduced end-of-day chaos tremendously. We thank you for your help in making our departures safer!